BMW M850i & Bentley Bentayga Review; FCA/Peugeot Merger | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #228

Bmw M850I &Amp; Bentley Bentayga Review; Fca/Peugeot Merger | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #228 1

We recently rented two very expensive cars to try out at our test track: the 2019 BMW M850i, and the 2020 Bentley Bentayga. While these high-end cars are too rare for CR to purchase and formally enter into our test program, we share our impressions of these cars, and whether these six figure vehicles deliver an experience worthy of their sky high price tags. We also discuss the possible merger of Fiat Chrysler with French automaker Peugeot, and how past automaker mergers and alliances have affected consumers. In this week's audience questions segment, we explain the science behind snow tire performance in wet conditions, choose a mid-life crisis car for an outdoor enthusiast, and tell you why you definitely should not test your car's automatic emergency braking (AEB) system at home.


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1:11 – Fiat Chrysler/Peugeot Merger

6:36 – @ the Track: 2020 Bentley Bentayga and 2019 BMW M850i

7:09 – Why did CR rent these high-end vehicles?

8:52 – Bentley Bentayga discussion

15:00 – BMW M850i discussion

17:40 – Audience Questions

17:58 – Video Question #1: How do you account for longer wet-stopping distances on winter tires?

22:11 – Video Question #2: How do I know if FCW/AEB systems actually work?

25:40 – What’s a good mid-life crisis replacement for a Volvo XC60?


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20 Comments on "BMW M850i & Bentley Bentayga Review; FCA/Peugeot Merger | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #228"

  1. HardWorker ForMyMoney | November 8, 2019 at 6:47 PM |

    French cars are crap, chrysler maybe worse…. not good for anybody

  2. Regarding the viewer question on AEB, there are a ton of videos on Youtube where people have tested that for many vehicles. I found mine in a test that way. The bigger problem is when AEB stops the car for no apparent reason. That seems to be a common problem and can be very dangerous if someone is tailgating you (and there always seems to someone tailgating me!).

  3. Guys, work a little on minimizing how much you talk over each other. I’m from the Midwest, and two or three guys talking at the same time sounds rude to some of us.

  4. Why not rent the new Bentley Continental GT V8?

  5. Can you say scatter brained.

  6. Bentley’s SUV style is hideous! I don’t know why anyone would buy such a monstrosity. It’s a retro style gone terribly wrong. The body proportions are all off. And less safe. The X7 or better yet, the Range Rover get the luxury SUV style right IMNSHO.

  7. I think that the Peugeot, Citroen, Chrysler Fiat merger comes at an opportune impasse in automotive history with the approaching electrification of the industry. Any of their brands and sub brands become much more attractive when you don’t have to worry about their fuel delivery systems or for that matter their engines.

  8. My 2020 mid life crisis car would be a M2 with a manual gear box. If I didn’t have to save for my kids college and my retirement (so I can be middle class till 150), I’d have bought one already!! 😀

  9. The discussion on AEB still begs the question as to why no testing is done beyond the IIHS 25 mph standard (i.e. 45 mph, 60 mph, etc.). I never get an answer from CR, even though I have asked this question several times. (One time, my question wasn’t even posted!) What gives?

  10. Thanks for answering my question!

  11. You guys punted on the last question. The answer is clearly Toyota 4 runner or land cruiser, depending on budget and preference.

  12. I do not see the necessity to rent those ultra luxury véhicules. They are selling very few of these high dollars , mechanically challenging to repair and very costly to own. For these reasons, I have no interest in them.

  13. It figures that the Bentley SUV is in burgundy, since the only people who buy vehicles in burgundy are the elderly and drug dealers.

  14. Okay, so you don’t have an inflatable or foam car. But I bet you’ve got cardboard, don’t you?heck, now I want to find out if I can turn it off, so I can go plow through a stack of empty cardboard boxes like in the movies!

  15. I mean my first thought was a gladiator….
    but my heart says just go for the new DEFENDER!
    It might be plagued with issues, but that foots the bill of all those previously metioned FCA products…. perfect for OVERLANDING.
    Gladiator or Defender. One full of with Lux appointments and optional air suspension, the other with 11 inches of GC and rock rails, both possibly problematic, but undeniably capable beasts. 😍

  16. Get a RAM, sell (CarMax, Carvanna, Vroom, Shift, etc.) it right before 100K.

  17. Now this is how I like to see him! Smiling happy silly

  18. Why not ford raptor?!?

  19. No need to wrap things up. Keep the shoes as long as they need to be for the topics. Thanks.

  20. Tons of variables here, if it’s winter and the temperature is low enough a shaded wet street quickly becomes an icy street!

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