Before Buying a Cheap TV, Watch This #Shorts

Before Buying A Cheap Tv, Watch This #Shorts 1

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5 Comments on "Before Buying a Cheap TV, Watch This #Shorts"

  1. Meh… you get what you pay for. Some people don’t really care about super high resolution. Most TVs today are way better than what a lot of us grew up with (CRT tubes).

  2. Great video! The only HDTV brand that I would never touch is Westinghouse. I’ve read too many customer reviews that complain about the pictures dying on their Westinghouse HDTV like two months after they purchased it. And reviews of their horrible customer service.

  3. I bought Hisense 4k 55” 3-4years ago for 400. I could not be happier with what I got for the money.

  4. Steven Rodgers | November 21, 2022 at 2:01 PM |

    Considering most people do a little research before buying TV they want to buy the highest quantity, overall value, ease of operation backed by years of great customer service. I like this review.

  5. I was able to buy a highly rated Samsung 75” TV from Costco for hundreds of dollars off. You just have to watch prices and exercise a little self control.

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