5 Ways to Save Money When Doing Laundry | Consumer Reports

5 Ways To Save Money When Doing Laundry | Consumer Reports 1

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How much does laundry cost you each week? CR's Laundry Expert Rich Handel shares five tips to help you save money while keeping your clothes sparkling clean.

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  1. The loads per liquid detergent according to the jug is medium loads (about 2 TBSP / med load). The powdered detergents don’t always say if the loads are medium and doing the math of volume is the advertised amount # of small loads. It looks like you save money cause there’s more loads but if it’s actually x # of small loads and you then half the advertised amount vs # number of med loads, it probably is cheaper to buy liquid detergent? Assuming 2 TBSP per load of powdered or liquid for med loads.

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