5 Things You Should Never Put in the Washing Machine

5 Things You Should Never Put In The Washing Machine 1

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From items covered in pet hair to shoes—here are five things to keep out of your washing machine.

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3 Comments on "5 Things You Should Never Put in the Washing Machine"

  1. That’s definitely one of the funnier things I watched recently.

  2. I don’t think anyone puts any of these things in washing machine.

  3. It isn’t only because the shoes might get damaged. More importantly, putting shoes in the dryer can damage the machine.

    And never put filthy shoes in the washer! If people insist on washing shoes in the clothes washer, first, rinse them off well. Obviously, wash them with dusting rags or something that’s not important. Don’t throw them in with your good clothes, towels, or linens. That should be common sense, but it’s surprising what some people do. 😉

    For drying, put shoes in the sun – that’s best. The sun whitens, refreshes, and dries them.

    If there’s no sun, at times, a hair dryer can work in a pinch.

    Some people prefer to hang the shoes on the dryer door by the shoelaces, allowing the shoelaces to hang over the edge and closing the door to secure them. Turn on the dryer and let the heat partially dry the shoes. This keeps shoes from banging around and damaging the dryer. But it’s still not the most cost-effective or great option.

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