2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Early Review | Consumer Reports

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4Xe Early Review | Consumer Reports 1

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The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee gains a plug-in hybrid powertrain, whichJeep calls 4xe. The 2.0-liter turbocharged plug-in hybrid engine gives the Grand Cherokee 4xe unique off-road-capabilities to drive solely on electric power with an advertised range of around 25 miles. Early impressions show the 4xe boasts sophisticated tech, standard advanced safety features, while retaining its Jeep ruggedness. 

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40 Comments on "2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Early Review | Consumer Reports"

  1. Kartikeya Parekh | September 29, 2023 at 3:03 PM |

    Can’t wait it to break in 2 years

  2. Spare tire?

  3. So there is no reason for the hybrid as the extra cost doesn’t offset the only 1 extra mpg….nice work

    • You missed the extra 100hp part of the video. 0-60 of the 4xe is 5.3 seconds vs 6.7 seconds for the 2.0T non hybrid

    • Not exactly, I typically go 1200 miles on a tank because the battery covers most of my driving around town. A tank will last me a couple of months unless I go on a road trip.

    • This is a Plug In Hybrid, and the first 26 miles of range are Electric Only mode.

    • Except you use no gas for the first 26 miles you drive each day. That mileage is only after the battery is depleted. If you charge every night, your gas usage will be way lower than a gas model

    • The point is not about the extra mile per gallon. I drove mine 100 plus miles this week on battery…. At 1/3 the cost of gasoline for power….

  4. Sooooo, 22mpg for v6…….and 23mpg for a plug in hybrid vehicle. 😂
    Seems like a lot of work to go one more mile per gallon. 🤔 🧐

    • Remember, this is a Plug In Hybrid. Which means it runs in “Electric Only” mode for the first 26 Miles. After that, it goes to Gas / Electric Hybrid, where the combined fuel economy is 23mpg. But a lot of times, owners will drive less then 26 miles per day, and can run in Electric Only mode, and save money on fuel.

    • Except you use no gas for the first 26 miles you drive each day. That mileage is only after the battery is depleted. If you charge every night, your gas usage will be way lower than a gas model

    • Richard Shuster | September 30, 2023 at 7:53 PM |

      Really, it isn’t that difficult to understand. It’s 23 on gas only but much much better factoring in electric range if you have a typical short commute. But I think you knew that.

  5. I’ve seen Alex do these reviews and you’re no Alex. Just kidding!!

  6. You realize the savings in fuel by using electric power on local trips. The EPA mileage is something like 56 mpge as I recall.

  7. I’m more interested in the 2024 Mustang that I see sitting in the background.

  8. Don’t care I’m a cat | September 29, 2023 at 4:52 PM |

    Hard No!

  9. Allows a person to commute with a Jeep in basically electric mode during the week and then have fun on the weekends with gas mode – just remains to be seen if Jeep can build something reliable.

  10. Yikes! Too expensive and why? 1mpg difference?!?!

  11. The rated mpg isn’t what makes a PHEV worth it. If you’re daily commute and shopping chores are less than the all electric range you get hundreds of mpg most weeks. You basically only get gas when you take a trip, for regular daily drivings it’s all electric. 26 miles is not enough for most people but if you get a phev with 35-50 miles per charge you have massive mpg overall since you never need gas except for longer trips. Most weeks you will not use any gas.

  12. Chris Zawertany | September 29, 2023 at 7:35 PM |

    Read the consumer complaints on this junk pile-its the same garbage powertrain as in the Hybrid Pacifica.

    • The Pacifica uses a V6 engine connected to two sets of motor/generators that take the place of a transmission (also known as an eCVT). The Grand Cherokee uses an inline-4 engine connected to an electric motor that takes the place of a torque converter which then connects to a traditional 8-speed transmission. They are entirely different systems in how they operate.

  13. In this thread: a bunch of people who don’t realize that driving 23 miles a day and charging at home is equivalent to not using any gas at all.

  14. A question I have had and not seen answered, is what is the road-trip mileage? In other words, charge the battery in the morning and drive 500 highway miles—what is the real-world mileage in that scenario? Better or worse than the V6?

    • 23 mpg overall

    • On a recent trip (400 miles), the trip computer showed a little over 30 mpg. I had a Pacifica (V6, non-PHEV) and that trip would net around 28 mpg. The 4xe is quicker than the V8 GC, with better fuel economy than the V6. Note that the trip computer doesn’t calc fuel economy normally, it seems to factor the cost of charging. My last tank ran 1200 miles, but the computer showed 39 mpg which is much lower than the actual fuel mileage.

    • Better than the v6.

    • About 20mpg after the tiny battery dies.

  15. There was a time when I would have watched consumer reports on new vehicles. Ah yes, back in the good ol days – 10 years ago – when buying a vehicle wasn’t like getting a new mortgage. Sadly the days of buying new cars and trucks, for many middle class folks, is probably over. It’s used only from now on.

  16. silent offroading? 😂

  17. There’s no way to sugar coat 26 miles of EV range. The Chevrolet Volt had 35 miles of EV range way back in 2011. Battery technology has come a long way in twelve years. For the prices being asked of these vehicles, 26 miles is not enough.

    • Brian Greenstone | October 2, 2023 at 8:06 AM |

      The Chevy volt probably weighs less than half of what a grand Cherokee weighs, so that’s not really a fair comparison. I own one of these, and 90% of my driving is in electric only because it’s quite rare that I ever need more than 26 miles for any given errand. When I get home I plug it back in, and by the time I need to go run another errand I’m fully charged again.

  18. l’ll take the V8 while they still make it. FJB

  19. not sure how the front seats can be comfortable. If the Grand Cherokee has the same seats as the Grand Cherokee L I would steer clear. Only a Fiat 500 Abarth has seats any firmer (out of the many cars I have driven, or driven in)

  20. I own this car… Never thought I’d buy a jeep. Reliability, etc. But it is actually a really nice car. Fast, powerful, and it’s a true offroader. Ended up buying massive offroad tires for it and I’ve been taking it up the trails here in the mountains.

    The hybrid part is nice because it is quite a bit quicker, and also it is basically completely silent when I want it to be. I also commute to and from work on a single charge and plug in at home.

    Road trip wise, I think I get maybe 400+ or so miles to a tank? About 18 gallons I think? So it’s decent, considering it’s a gigantic truck.

    All the toys and gizmos are great too. Night vision camera is fun, the lane keep cruise works great for long drives, sound system is excellent and the big touchscreen works flawlessly with my phone. I love this car.

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