2021 Toyota Venza first Impressions; Ballooning Cost of Ownership for BMWs | Talking Cars #283

2021 Toyota Venza First Impressions; Ballooning Cost Of Ownership For Bmws | Talking Cars #283 1

We recently purchased an all-new 2021 Toyota Venza for our test program, and we share our first impressions on the driving dynamics, hybrid powertrain, and standard advanced safety features of this midsized SUV. For some car brands, maintenance expenses can skyrocket once warranty and free-maintenance periods are over; we discuss why this can affect some brands more than others, particularly German automaker BMW. We also answer questions about matrix LED headlights and why they aren't yet available in the US, whether a convertible should be stored with its top up or down, and we share what we are thankful for, both personally and in the automotive world, in the crazy year that is 2020.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – 2021 Toyota Venza First Drive
10:34 – Question #1: Why do BMWs skyrocket in ownership cost over a long period of time?
13:48 – Question #2: Why Matrix LED headlights are not allowed in the US?
17:01 – Question #3: What is the best practice for storing a convertible in a garage?
18:16 – Question #4: Which 3-row SUV is best suited for hauling 3 grandchildren?
21:58 – Things we are most grateful for this Thanksgiving.


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20 Comments on "2021 Toyota Venza first Impressions; Ballooning Cost of Ownership for BMWs | Talking Cars #283"

  1. CR, After watching the video, I am even more thankful for Jen’s reliable words of wisdom and the ready access to sharp razor blades in my locality. Hopefully this all-Hybrid Venza creates CAFE space for the GR Yaris and 2 door Prado in Toyota’s North American fleet. Speaking of driver’s tests, did you hear about the kid near Toronto who was caught doing 100 mph on the way to his test?

  2. John… John… JOHNNNNNN…. moustache.

  3. 15:39 that seems easy enough to get around. just have a “dumb low beam” setting.

  4. I’m interested to know how it drives in the snow

  5. Interesting comment about road noise: what brand/model were the tires?

  6. Hard pass on this Venza

  7. Venza’s back and more incredible than ever!

  8. Good show . Thank you

  9. God bless you CR

  10. I am grateful for John rock’in a mouse stash.

  11. 2021 venza is a facelifted Toyota Harrier, not really ALL NEW but im glad its back, Every person I ever met with a Toyota Venza loved it

  12. I’d rather have an old Venza over this.

  13. I’m thankful for your podcast. I am eager to watch it each week. Keep em coming!

  14. If the lady with her grand kids wanted to keep her cars for a long time ask yourself how many 10 year old Mazda or 10 year old Hyundai/kia Are still on the road then ask yourself how many Toyotas.

  15. No to the mustache. Yes to the Venza.

  16. I only want Toyota, Subaru and Porsche.

  17. Those adaptive lights that have the high beams on by default are going to be great for other drivers when the sensors or cameras go bad….

  18. I like you all
    but all SUV’s is just too boring.

  19. I’m going to take it a step further. What is the difference between texting while driving and trying to navigate these ridiculous and dangerous controls?
    I think this baloney needs to be toned down and consumer reports has to stop testing this stuff and go after the car companies for creating something that is more dangerous then what it’s trying to replace. Wake up CR.

  20. re: the adaptive LED headlight question. I believe new Volvo’s have this technology (option) with low beams, sold in the US?

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