2021 Genesis G80 First Impressions; Nitrogen in Tires: Is It Worth the Cost? | Talking Cars #279

2021 Genesis G80 First Impressions; Nitrogen In Tires: Is It Worth The Cost? | Talking Cars #279 1

We recently got a chance to drive the 2021 Genesis G80 at our test track, and we share our impressions on how the sedan from Hyundai's luxury brand performed, as well as how it compares to other vehicles in its class, like the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and Volvo S90. Filling your tires with nitrogen is an option offered by many dealerships and mechanics these days, usually for an added expense. We talk about whether this is something to consider, as well as if it's safe to put regular air into a tire filled with nitrogen. Winter weather is on its way (if it hasn't already arrived where you are!), so we discuss the best way to prep your car for hitting the road when there's ice and snow. We also give advice about replacing a Hyundai Elantra with an Audi A4 (or other alternatives like the Mazda3, Honda Civic Sport, or Toyota Camry?!) And with an increasing number of cars on the road having the ability to update their software, how is Consumer Reports adjusting its testing program to stay on top of the latest versions and features? Do the scores change when a car with GM's Super Cruise or vehicles from Tesla receive a new update? We discuss how we are adapting our testing to account for these new technologies, and more.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – Vehicle Winter Prep and Winter Driving Tips
06:53 – 2021 Genesis G80 First Impressions
13:30 – Question #1: Is an Audi A4 a good replacement for a Hyundai Elantra ?
19:41 – Question #2: What are the advantages of filling up tires with nitrogen instead of air?
23:42 – Question #3: How is CR adapting its test to account for new technologies?


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12 Comments on "2021 Genesis G80 First Impressions; Nitrogen in Tires: Is It Worth the Cost? | Talking Cars #279"

  1. Go Genesis!

  2. That Genesis looking smokin hot. Those Korean brands:Kia/Genesis/Hyundai are doing extremely impressive while other brands (especially Japanese) struggling.

  3. Expecting your first snowflakes. Yet it is 90 degrees here today. Great video.

  4. Let’s not sugar coat it. Never buy a German car that’s out of warranty.

  5. I had nitrogen in my Scion from new. I only drove the car summers so the original tires were on for over 7 yrs. When the tires finally wore out I put new ones on. The original tires after 7 yrs only lost less than 2 pounds pressure in 7 yrs . So I would say it isn’t useless to use nitrogen in certain circumstances.

  6. Another of Jennifer’s failures to use the microphone that is about 6 inches from her mouth. “Bad sound makes good video look bad.”

  7. Gosh, talk about price inflation! I had a 2015 Genesis with v6/HTRAC that listed for 42K! 🙁

  8. Costco tire centers have free self-service electronic nitrogen tire filling available.

  9. Hello kitty Charlie!😃😺

  10. Once the car is set up for the everyday driver there is no problem with the tech.

  11. To Malik. I know it’s tempting, but don’t do it. I own a platform cosin to that car, a VW GTI, and even though it’s not a premium brand, it still finds ways to kick me in the head and run off with my wallet quite often. Right Covid-19 hit my company my car needed a timing chain, it snapped quickly and took the entire head of the motor out with it. The total cost was $6k but I got lucky because I found a shop that would do it for “cheap”. on the audi you’re looking at it would be more like $8-10k and that’s if you get lucky and don’t crack a piston, which requires a whole new engine. I was lucky, I was saving up money for something else that didn’t pan out and ended up draining my savings to pay the bill. That might not be the case for you. I also had pretty expensive repair bills before then as well. a spare key was $200, four new tires cost me close to a grand (aftermarket wheels that fit only High performance tires), my front brakes and a brake flush cost me close to a grand, and so on. in short, I spend almost as much maintenance for the car in 2 years of ownership. Had I known that, I would have gone for a new Toyota Yaris iA and called it day.

    My advice, if you can pay cash for the car, and don’t mind walking away if it goes kaboom, go for it. but otherwise stay away from “excotic deals” there is no such thing as a cheap exotic car, you just end up paying the shop owner instead of the dealer.

    Also, I ended up picking my GTI over the A4. Both had made my short list while I was looking for a new-too-me car. After test driving the Audi, I decided I didn’t like it. My GTI was way more fun, and I didn’t want to eat my hands every time I changed the radio station in the VW, because it doesn’t have MMI. A system that seems designed exclusively to make me tear my hair out.

    If you do want to cheat a little, you might want to check the price of parts and labor, but the Hyundai Genesis (the one that would later become the G80) might be a good way to get a luxury car without really getting the label, and all that comes with it. I think the second generation might be close to your price range, although you might not be able to get the V8 or AWD. But the car has so much standard equipment, that’s all your missing out on.

    but also consider the mazda 3, a very good deal in this segment, and provides most of what the audi does at a lower price.

  12. Comparing accord and camry with an A4.. this is just hilarious! They are nowhere near in terms of comfort, reliability, and handling. Actually, 2017 A4s are pretty reliable overall. They kept the same drivetrain for over a decade and kept perfecting that same 2.0 engine. Repairs are not that expensive if you are a car enthusiast and know how to DIY.

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