WTFee?! Congress Gets Details on Sneaky Cable Fees | Consumer Reports

Wtfee?! Congress Gets Details On Sneaky Cable Fees | Consumer Reports 1

Consumer Reports' Jonathan Schwantes tells lawmakers that cable companies are inflating consumers' bills by tacking on extra charges such as "broadcast TV" and "regional sports" fees.

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5 Comments on "WTFee?! Congress Gets Details on Sneaky Cable Fees | Consumer Reports"

  1. Who still has Legacy Cable where you are paying for packages and channels of no interest.. Get the Light and Speed of Fiber Cable, that is Glass not cable that slows down and depending how many others on you street or group of homes your cable signal slows..

  2. If the bill passes, cable companies will probably charge a transparency fee๐Ÿ˜

  3. Don’t forget include optimums /Altice new network enhancement fee because they are investing in the infrastructure allegedly. So where’s the rest of the money going? While falsely stating their speeds are faster than Verizon fios when Fios is symmetrical while optimum uploads speeds are less than a quarter of their download speeds!

  4. Not just cable and/or internet companies…cellphone companies need to be transparent, too. Advertised as $20 per month service, but the actual bill is $35 to $40 after fees and surcharges.

  5. Ridiculously expensive and for what? I reject it.

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