Video Doorbell Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

Video Doorbell Buying Guide | Consumer Reports 1

DIY home security is easier than ever with a high-quality, cost effective video doorbell for your home. CR runs a battery of tests to determine the video doorbell that will best suit your needs.

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6 Comments on "Video Doorbell Buying Guide | Consumer Reports"

  1. I absolutely love my Nest doorbell camera

  2. Don’t buy Ring or Nest, unless you appreciate the no security, give your data away to the police and Ukraine type features that are thrown in for free. Amazon and Google trended to the, “Be Evil” model.
    Battery doorbells are really really subpar at the moment, not really worth the cost. Go wired, thank me later.

  3. Don’t be cheap and buy nest hello doorbell

  4. How long will these be effective? Won’t bad guys opt to bring paint, silly putty, balloons etc. to block the tiny lens?
    And wear hood or hat pulled low as they approach the porch, before they’ve blocked the lens….
    This seems like a fake fix due to being easily thwarted.

  5. I was going to purchase a Nest camera but instead I contacted Vivint to install a doorbell camera since I know the company longer than the others.

  6. great information and I want to say thank you for using POC in the vedio

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