Toyota RAV4 Fuel Issues; Are Crash Tests Too Perfect? | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #281

Toyota Rav4 Fuel Issues; Are Crash Tests Too Perfect? | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #281 1

We discuss a number of topics this week, including an issue with Toyota RAV4 hybrids not able to fully fill their gas tanks, why some recall fixes can leave you without your car for months if the positioning of occupant dummies in crash tests is not applicable to real-world conditions, why automaker Mitsubishi isn’t as popular in the US market as it once was, the methodology behind CR’s driving impressions and our Overall Score, why your next new car might be a tight fit in your garage, whether a Kia Stinger or Volkswagen Arteon is a better choice for a Canadian driver, and why luxury sports cars aren’t required to be crash-tested.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:28 – Question #1: Why some Toyota RAV4 hybrids have an issue with not being able to fully fill their gas tanks?
06:34 – Question #2: Why some car recalls take a long time to get fixed?
11:33 – Question #3: Why is the positioning of occupant dummies in crash test are not applicable to real-world conditions?
16:13 – Question #4: Why Mitsubishi vehicles aren’t as popular in the US as they are in other parts of the world?

18:31 – Question #5: What methodology is behind CR’s driving impressions and overall score?
20:24 – Question #6: Why does it seem like the cars are getting bigger, but garages are not?
23:01 – Question #7: Which Sportback is a better choice for a Canadian driver, a Kia Stinger or the Volkswagen Arteon?
26:17 – Question #8: Why some luxury sports cars are not required to be crash tested?


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Toyota RAV4 Fuel Issues; Are Crash Tests Too Perfect? | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #281 2

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  1. Uh ohhhhhh

  2. My 2014 Prius has always been this way. Guage reading empty, low-fuel alert going off, range-to-empty shows zero miles, and I fill it up with a whole nine gallons and a bit despite having an 11.9 gallon tank. It’s full, as I have ignored the instruments and driven another 100 miles past the ‘zero range’ point.

  3. 2am post… someones up late jerking it

  4. random car channel person RANDOM CAR CHANNEL PERSON | November 14, 2020 at 2:02 AM |

    Cool and stuff

  5. Keith’s bad sound makes good video look bad.

  6. haha a 1973 Impala is much larger than a 1967. I’m surprised it even fit at all! 😄

  7. Will, you should buy the stinger. Lots of deals on the hood, more power, and handles much better.

  8. Wow I had absolutely no idea that the VW Arteon and KIA Stinger are hatchbacks! Thanks for that info! Amazing!

  9. Pretty sure the Stinger will be more reliable than the VeeDub

  10. the fuel pump recall that is there for the 2018 highlander is also there for the 2018 camry

  11. I had one of the first 1982 Mitsubishi Cordias, when they first started selling their own cars apart from Chrysler.
    It wasn’t bad, I had no trouble with it in 25,000 miles, but then the MR2 came out, and I had to have one of those. I stuck with them until 2000.

  12. Question 6 has been on my mind too, especially with not only larger vehicles but the aging population. My 80 year old in-laws moved nearby into a retirement community and they have a condo with attached garage which is so narrow, their Subaru Forester only fits with about a foot on each side max and they’ve already damaged the car hitting the garage. Retirement communities should have wider garages!! I fondly remember my grand-dad had a Ford Taurus and very narrow garage in his retirement community and the entire row had damaged garages!!

  13. Great info thanks cars are getting way too complicated

  14. Nissan ate up Mitsubishi’s US market share in the 2000’s and Kia currently owns this segment.

  15. As to the great question of leaving a car with a dealer-Some states such as Colorado have lemon laws that require the manufacturer to buy back a vehicle if the owner cannot receive it back in a timely manner (30 days in Colorado).

  16. Wow, I thought I was the only one with this issue, glad I’m not alone.

  17. 26 seconds into this video, and I can tell you that the MAIN reason Mitsu. is not as popular in the US, is because they took away the beloved EVOLUTION.

  18. I mentioned I wanted a Mitsubishi to my dad and he said and I quote ” Mitsubishi is the Chrysler of Japanese vehicles”

  19. I have a 2020 RAV4 Hybrid with the fuel problem. As of this week, Toyota has a solution for the 2019/2020 RAV4 Hybrid. Cars are being fixed. You have to formally complain to Toyota and they will fix it at their cost….

  20. Thank you for your discussion about TSBs, Recalls, etc. It prompted me to check TSBs for my car again. I see that a problem that I spent about $2,000 repairing last year was covered under a warranty extended by the manufacturer. I’m hoping to get at least a partial refund for that expense.

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