The Right Way to Wash Your Hands | Consumer Reports

The Right Way To Wash Your Hands | Consumer Reports 1

Frequent hand-washing can keep you from getting sick from viral and bacterial infections, including the coronavirus. Following these simple tips will help you eliminate germs.

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18 Comments on "The Right Way to Wash Your Hands | Consumer Reports"

  1. Interesting that anti-bacterial soaps were banned by FDA recently.

  2. If the faucet is not automatic, use a clean paper towel to turn off manual faucets after drying hands. Wet paper towels can transfer contaminants from the faucet handles to your skin.

    Dont waste soap, friction removes germs from ur hands not the amount of soap.

  3. You forgot to mention to NEVER airDry your hands, cause that spreads germs and puts all germs back from the air onto your hands. That’s why clincs and hospitals dont use them. I know people don’t have air-driers at they home, i ment gym/out

  4. Excellent advice. More practical living tips, please.

  5. And then touch the door handle on your way out.
    The same door handle that one person contaminated because of poor or no hand washing.

  6. Then you grab the door handle and you’re back to step 1.

  7. Yup, we do it this way in CA and we’ll be fined for excess water use.

  8. Thanks.

    How about a video, on how to properly cover your cough and not spitting?

  9. P. S. Use paper towel to turn water off. You, and everyone before you, got faucet dirty when you turned water on.

  10. Missed the last and perhaps most important tip. Don’t touch the bathroom door handle with your bare hands. Use a paper towel to prevent recontamination.

  11. This should be should in every hospital and doctor office.

  12. Do those air dryers for hands in public restrooms spread germs by blowing them all over?

  13. So do you pull on door handle with your clean hand?

  14. Does it matter what type of soap? Is “anti-bacterial” soap any more effective?

  15. Thank you.

  16. don’t touch the door handle on the way out

  17. You should not touch dirty faucet handles either, nor dirty door handles. DUH

  18. Stop using loud sounds over the speaker. Very distracting and not contributing any thing positive.

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