Smartwatch Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

Smartwatch Buying Guide | Consumer Reports 1

A smartwatch can help keep you connected without having to tote your smartphone everywhere. But the technology is constantly evolving. Consumer Reports shares some key things to consider when you're ready to start shopping. For more on smartwatches, go to

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00:00​​ – Introduction
00:13​​ – Compatibility
01:12​​ – Price
01:31​​ – Smartwatch vs fitness tracker
02:51​​ – Battery life
03:22​​ – Water resistance
04:00​​ – Scratch resistance

5 Comments on "Smartwatch Buying Guide | Consumer Reports"

  1. Very helpful video. Thanks!

  2. Do not buy a smartwatch. Get a fitness tracker. They last longer and do what you need.

  3. AMI Bienes Raices S.C. | April 10, 2021 at 12:27 PM |


    Thanks for the información

    I appreciate it

  4. It must be on physical switches and the gps igo so that tracking can be avoided and with barometer..

  5. Good info 👍
    4:50 Thanks for the subtle ad placement for the Apple watch 😉

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