Is Apple’s New FineWoven iPhone Case as Bad as Some Say? We Evaluate | Consumer Reports

Is Apple'S New Finewoven Iphone Case As Bad As Some Say? We Evaluate | Consumer Reports 1

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With so many complaints and negative reviews floating around, we wanted to find out if the vitriol was legit. So we put the case through our tests.

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12 Comments on "Is Apple’s New FineWoven iPhone Case as Bad as Some Say? We Evaluate | Consumer Reports"

  1. Stranger On The Internet | October 16, 2023 at 12:23 PM |

    Don’t think I ever bought original apple phone case in the first place…

    • Michael Frieze | October 16, 2023 at 12:29 PM |

      Their leather and silicone cases are really good IMO. Just expensive.

    • Concur with the comment above. Their leather case is superior and premium even tho it’s expensive. Been buying for all of my iPhones and it’s worth investing on it.

  2. I bet the Apple CEO eats steak so why waste the hide? Our ancestors didn’t waste any parts of the food source. The new cases are crap that piles up in our landfills.

  3. I don’t buy anything with an Apple on it 😊

  4. I expect CR’s content to be a little more in-depth.

  5. That’s a nice back pocket 😏😏😛

  6. This wasn’t a fair comparison for the nail scratch test. First of all, should have compared with the same color (or similar color). Both the FineWoven & Leather cases, show similar nail scratches.

  7. I love this smartwatch

  8. please show a comparison, because in my experience, the leather case also had its faults

  9. The case is probably designed for a look and not durability

  10. RetiredSystem | October 16, 2023 at 5:03 PM |

    This was clearly cost saving measures, wanted to still sell it with that luxury appeal but not spend money on materials that actually make it premium. They slapped a name then waited for people to fall for the bait & switch. When they switched materials, I started looking companies after who could actually provide what apple stopped providing. Real leather, this was mostly for the apple tags and phone case.

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