Hyundai Santa Cruz Test Results | Talking Cars #343

Hyundai Santa Cruz Test Results | Talking Cars #343 1

On this episode, we share our test results of the Hyundai Santa Cruz. We discuss where the Santa Cruz fits among competing small pickup trucks, how well it performs ‘truck’ duties and why its construction benefits its livability. We also answer a question on vehicle reliability, and how CR calculates this score from year to year.

0:00 – Hyundai Santa Cruz

11:08 – Question: How does CR weigh and consider reliability ratings on vehicles from year to year?

Hyundai Santa Cruz:

What’s New in Small Pickup Trucks:

Who Makes the Most Reliable New Cars?:

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  1. Thank you for chapters

  2. ⚠️ I work in the car industry and I want to warn anybody who’s considering littering buying anything anything from Hyundai/Kia yeah against buying is anything turbocharged. If a car company can’t build a regular app is regular aspirated 4 cylinder engine engine then I don’t think it’s a good idea it’s a good idea to throw Turbo chargers and more electronic crap crap on it.

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