How to Unclog a Toilet the Right Way | Consumer Reports

How To Unclog A Toilet The Right Way | Consumer Reports 1

Clogged, jammed, blocked, backed up – however you say it – here's how to handle some common toilet mishaps without a plumber. Plus, the right way to use a plunger, when to call a pro and why you should be careful with drain-cleaning products.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – How to fish something out
00:36 – How to use a plunger
01:05 – How to use enzymes
01:20 – What not to do

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19 Comments on "How to Unclog a Toilet the Right Way | Consumer Reports"

  1. I’ll show you how to clog it!

  2. I can’t believe people are that stupid they need CR to tell them about this

  3. Dish soap works. I poured a cup in mine and it dislodged a clog but you have to let it sit for awhile.

  4. “flushable” doesn’t mean that you should! (use the trash can please)
    The manufacturer will not pay your plumber to unclog your sewer lines or septic system.

  5. Hehe. I like how the YouTube title is, “How to Unglog a Toilet the Right Way”. What is UnGlog? 🙂

  6. “Unglog” in the title description 😂

  7. Where was this video back when I needed it 😂

  8. Nice and clean but nothing on the worst cause of a plug. A big morning poop.

  9. The best trick before using enzimes or « Drano ». Try instead using dish soap, aprx 1/4 of a regular bottle. Let soap go down the drain for an hour or so and then use the syphoon. Work every time

  10. OK, so I’ll admit that I use those flushable wipes. I do flush after each one and never use more than 2 at one sitting…

  11. is this a video for beings new to this planet?

  12. Don’t use a straw,a toilet auger is good,for kids toys,etc,use a shop vac,with no paper filter(wet VAC)

  13. My kid caused several overflows by using too much t.p. and became afraid of flushing at all. Yuck. So, I swapped the toilet out for a power assist toilet. Wow. No more problems!

  14. next video; how to flush your toilet

  15. Next video, how to use the ‘Three Sea Shells’.

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