How to Protect Your Car From Rodents | Consumer Reports

How To Protect Your Car From Rodents | Consumer Reports 1

Rodents?! In cars?! Stay calm and follow these tips for keeping them away. Learn more at . Join CR at to find out how products scored in CR’s rigorous lab tests—and to access our comprehensive ratings for items you use every day—become a member. CR is a mission-driven, independent, nonprofit organization.

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9 Comments on "How to Protect Your Car From Rodents | Consumer Reports"

  1. do you recommend leaving the hood open and leaving a light on?

  2. There is a channel that tests rodent deterrents. Pepper and Mothballs do not work. Real Mint Oil does.

  3. Captain America America | September 27, 2022 at 12:36 PM |


  4. Hi CR, I too have a video “How do I rodent proof my car?” on my channel which I show using some products I bought from Amazon. I wonder what you think about those if they really work or not.

  5. Good advice!

  6. Mothballs and peppermint? Been there tried that does not work 😞

  7. I know what works and it is FREE… USED cat litter! Put some used cat litter in some small closed but not sealed cardboard boxes. You can use small Amazon boxes or shoe boxes. Don’t spill the litter! Put one on the front floor, one on back floor and one in the trunk. Put new cat litter once a month or so you keep it fresh. If you need to use the car take out the boxes. It only takes 30 seconds. Once you open the windows any smell will disappear. I have used this method to store cars in our mouse infested barn for months, it works great.

  8. Next week on CR: How to come in out of the rain.

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