How Cars Communicate With One Another | Consumer Reports

How Cars Communicate With One Another | Consumer Reports 1

Technology is allowing more and more vehicles to communicate with each other on the roadways. Consumer Reports’ expert explains what V2X is and how it works.

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9 Comments on "How Cars Communicate With One Another | Consumer Reports"

  1. Progress ! Great work #Saltlakecity

  2. Alexander Damjanovich | June 10, 2020 at 7:50 AM |

    Available in consumer vehicles?

  3. And who is liable when deaths, maiming and destruction results from a human problem in software, hardware and 1984….

  4. what does this have to do with Y2K?

  5. And I hope it all integrates with Waze or something else in our phones so the rest of us can benefit without having to buy a new car.

  6. The LAST thing we want is for cars to basically be REMOTE CONTROLLED!!! LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED TO MICHAEL HASTINGS!!!

  7. Hope someday humans can communicate this well, when it comes to ironing out differences that lead to anti-social behavior.

  8. I have a question for consumers what’s the best diabetic socks out there do you test

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