Great Gas Grills | Consumer Reports

Great Gas Grills | Consumer Reports 1

It’s grilling season! In our lab, we wire the surface of each gas grill with thermocouples and perform four temperature tests. See ratings and reviews at

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9 Comments on "Great Gas Grills | Consumer Reports"

  1. Man, that grill at :02 was filthy!

  2. Dear Americans, pls stop releasing more carbon

  3. TheGodYouWishYouKnew | June 9, 2022 at 12:46 PM |

    The Weber is a good grill. Those other grills might be ok for a season but they will fall apart after that.

  4. My Weber is the best grill I’ve ever owned

  5. I have 2 Weber gas grills. They both have the same thing in common…..they won’t get as hot as I’d like. I firmly believe this is a regulator liability issue……they are protecting idiots from themselves.

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