Evaluating the 2022 Subaru WRX’s Manual Transmission | Consumer Reports

Evaluating The 2022 Subaru Wrx'S Manual Transmission | Consumer Reports 1

Are you into the stick shift? 🏁 We took a look at the 2022 Suabru WRX's manual transmission. For more on the WRX, go to

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7 Comments on "Evaluating the 2022 Subaru WRX’s Manual Transmission | Consumer Reports"

  1. Thank you for making content targeted to enthusiasts, not just more electric dribble.

  2. More segments like this!

  3. Looks like subaru finally brought back some lessons learned from their brz/86 partnership

  4. What’s the difference between notchi and clicky? You indicate that notchi is bad while clicky is good? That’s vague.

    I test drove a 2015 wrx for 30 mins. It was great. The only downside to that car was the rev hang.

  5. This car is the perfect candidate for adjustable damping. With all the improvements in shocks or struts these last few years there is no real reason this car didn’t have two modes for the suspension. A softer one for dirt or rough roads (or commutes) and a stiffer mode for pavement carving. If would mean so much in this car and make it almost perfect. You wouldn’t need 15 or 20 ways you can set different parameters of some cars. Just give me two for the suspension.

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