2023 Nissan Z | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #364

2023 Nissan Z | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #364 1

Nissan draws from its 50-plus-year history in resurrecting the Z, a sports car that the automaker calls "all-new" (but is it though??) We debate the provenance of this iteration of the Z, as well as share our first impressions of its performance, interior, and what you might lose by opting for the automatic transmission. We also debate which is the ultimate driving machine: the BMW M550i xDrive, or the Mercedes-Benz AMG E53.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:58 – First Impressions : 2023 Nissan Z
20:55 – Question: Which is the ultimate driving machine: the BMW 550i xDrive, or the Mercedes-Benz AMG E53?

Preview: All-New 2023 Nissan Z Combines Classic Cues, Modern Performance

2022 New York Auto Show: Nissan Z

Nissan Z Road Test

2023 Nissan Z

Guide to Car Safety

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28 Comments on "2023 Nissan Z | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #364"

  1. No question the Ford Mustang

  2. The Tesla (all of them) most American by far

  3. Looks like it has a lot of body roll from the clips you taken!! Supra is very good if it was a little less expensive… Honda please bring back S2023 lol

  4. American car?

  5. You lost me at automatic. Bummer.

  6. Thorsten is going to have a pretty hefty surprise when it comes time to getting anything serviced on his german car after having come from a Mustang.

  7. Monty (Monte?), wait until you get to be my age and you’ll be loving a good automatic (dual clutch or even torque converted.)

  8. Most iconic American car is the Ford Model A.

  9. The Z, and other Nissan’s use a version of Mercedes’ 9 speed auto. They aren’t that good in the MB products, so I’m not surprised not good in this application.

  10. So where’s the second cupholder? All I could figure was the hole in the right dashboard. 4:34.
    There’s so much wasted space on the console, but it could have been better designed.

  11. I got distracted by Mike’s bikes🙄 love the Z though!!

  12. My BIL had the previous model and while an awesome car, it was built to a price and I’m sure this one is too. Build quality and materials were no comparison with my Cayman. Still this will be a great value.

  13. This would be my daily driver and I commute to work in LA so I’m not ashamed to say I would buy the automatic lol. Also the automatic is the sand as Mercedes’ 9tronic so you know it’s gna be smooth

  14. The first gen Z was beautiful. If I could afford a new Z, I’d buy the nicest 5speed first gen I could find.

  15. i would like to see these 3 bone heads shift the manual faster than this “slow” automatic, so they claim because these 3 bone heads are the ONLY ones complaining about how slow it shifts while other more popular reviewers are NOT complaining about how “slow” it shifts.
    Now comparing this to the bmw ZF, yes its slower but by what …. milliseconds ??? I mean really, do you need to have INSTANT shifts ?? Are you going for a world record where that millisecond shift is going to save you 1 second in the 1/4 mile ???

  16. 12:20
    Deceleration crackling is SO ANNOYING and i hate it. I want the hard solid deceleration engine sound, no crackling, no sputter, no back fire bullsh*t ….

  17. 16:00
    NOBODY is buying a Z for its info-tainment system i mean really wtf ??? They buy this car because its a Z and its 400 hp and its the LAST Z to be made.

  18. 21:15
    When you ask for advise on what car to buy from some internet bone heads …..
    Maybe you should not be driving ….

  19. Majority of all Japanese cars built in the U.S.

  20. Most iconic American car would be a vintage Cadillac a city block long, preferably pink. Seriously, I wish Nissan or anyone would make a battery electric Z car at an affordable price! I am so done with crossover/ersatz SUV EV’s and don’t need or want a pickup!

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