2022 New York Auto Show: Toyota’s All-Electric bZ4X | Consumer Reports

2022 New York Auto Show: Toyota'S All-Electric Bz4X | Consumer Reports 1

At this year's New York International Auto Show, Toyota unveiled its first fully electric vehicle, the 2023 bZ4X. Toyota suggests that the front-wheel model will have a range of 252 miles.

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8 Comments on "2022 New York Auto Show: Toyota’s All-Electric bZ4X | Consumer Reports"

  1. This isn’t Toyota’s first EV. They sold the *very* production limited RAV4 EV in both the 1990s and 2010s. The Busy Forks isn’t going to be a huge seller either though. Toyota indicated they only intend to sell <10k units per year

  2. I just get plain crotchety when I see capacitive buttons.

  3. Will this have CCS or CHAdeMO? What’s the DC fast charge speed?

    • It will be CCS but have different charging speeds depending on drivetrain. The FWD uses Panasonic batteries and charges at 150kW, but the AWD uses CATL batteries and only goes up to 100kW

  4. Please turn down the background music, it’s drowning out the host.

  5. Not acting like a company committed to the EV market. Huge vested interest in hybrids. Huge mistake.

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