2021 Genesis GV80 First Impressions; 2022 Volkswagen Taos Preview | Talking Cars #277

2021 Genesis Gv80 First Impressions; 2022 Volkswagen Taos Preview | Talking Cars #277 1

This week we share our first impressions of the 2021 Genesis GV80, we go through the specs  and talk about whether this luxury SUV has what it takes to challenge some of the highly established competitors like the Audi Q7, BMW X5, Volvo XC90, and Cadillac XT6. Also Volkswagen recently announced the all-new Taos for 2022, our experts discuss where it fits within the Volkswagen SUV lineup and if the automotive industry needs another small SUV. We also answer audience questions about whether or not it's possible to purchase a vehicle directly from the manufacturer and bypass the dealer, how to prepare a car for a long trip after its been sitting in a garage for half a year, as well as how maintenance costs compare between plug-in hybrid, pure electric, and gas-only vehicles.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:41 – 2022 Volkswagen Taos Preview
05:55 – 2021 Genesis GV80 First Impressions
14:53 – Question #1: Is it possible to purchase a car directly from the manufacturer?
19:43 – Question #2: Does CR data suggest that after sorting out big issues on an unreliable vehicle that the car will last for some time after?
21:00 – Question #3: How to prepare a car for a long trip after it has been sitting in a garage for half a year?
22:26 – Question #4: How does maintenance cost compare between plug-in hybrid, pure electric, and gas-only vehicles.


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20 Comments on "2021 Genesis GV80 First Impressions; 2022 Volkswagen Taos Preview | Talking Cars #277"

  1. Thanks for the review!

  2. Here’s hoping everyone is safe, looking forward to 2021. Went to the CR facility in NY friendly staff and real World driving simulation track. Great to see the new Genesis up for scrutiny.

  3. Angelo: it’s a little late but I would add fuel stabilizer and get fresh gas as soon as possible.

  4. I bought my AVD Windcheetah ClubSport (a recumbent trike) directly from the builder in England. They’re an uncommon machine even for trikes. I live in Oregon and have never had an issue with finding a bike shop to maintain, fit, or repair it.

  5. I’m so excited to go see a GV80 in person.

  6. One big thing for me that gabe briefly mentioned I’d the interior ergonomics. I’d be really interested in what the GV 80 offers .

  7. Dieselgate is the gift that keeps on giving. Will there be a “Marshal McLoud” edition of the Taos? Will the SatNav system gruffly bark out directions in Chief Clifford’s voice? My money says the Taos is more likely to be made in Old Mexico than New Mexico.

  8. I like the Taos – old Tiguan in size

  9. Another great podcast 👍

  10. Thank you for answering my question. Its true we need dealership for maintenance / recall service. But I hate to negotiate at the dealership. I think consumer should have both the options – Buy from manufacturer or buy from the dealership. I can just buy a service package from any of the dealership even if I am not an existing customer of it.

  11. In Canada, Genesis is direct too

  12. Since EVs require less maintenance, I wonder if EVs from traditionally less reliable mfr (eg Jaguar iPace or Audi eTron) will actually be reliable long term.

  13. 25:04 okay way more than I thought it was. I had no data to go on and always thought it was more like 10% based on anecdotal evidence. i.e. asking owners over lunch.

    As for your point on “why the gimmicks” well there’s two reasons for it, as far as I can tell. First, luxury vehicles are prefect for experimenting with feature that might end up on lower end cars, look at the S-class’s history for an example. only instead of ABS it’s anything that might give a “lower model” a bit of a premium feel. Reason two, as a general rule, the further up the price rungs, the more the package is an emotional purchase rather a necessary one. The more of an emotional purchase a car is the more it needs to hit the customers sense of wonder, even if it’s just for a feature they will use once in the showroom and never again. Beautiful styling is one way to get that connection, as is an awesome engine note, but “awe inspiring features” are also a great method. Of course humans be crazy, and unpredictable, so trying everything possible is the way to go. Even if that means adding an MP3 file that just makes you want the restroom.

  14. Whats with the “Ts” on VW names???

  15. Regarding the question about the 2016 Highlander that hadn’t been started since March, any concerns with gas going stale after sitting 7 months?

  16. So I’ve been in car industry for 2 decades. Let me tell you – you can’t compare Genesis to say BMW. Why? Well having owned numerous BMW flagships it is very obvious they are cutting costs just enough to still be “premium” but the evidence is there. On the other hand – Genesis or rather HMG is throwing everything they have at their products. They procured top talents from German premium brands, they supply their own electronics and own their own steel factory. They are basically overengineering right now to convince buyers. And it shows – they are No. 1 in quality based upon j. D. Powers report – and where is BMW? So right now we can enjoy fantastic genesis products at basically discount prices, because as soon as people figure out those are awesome products and Brand image grows – so will the pricess. So hot tip for buyers – take advantage of awesome products and the financial deals they are offering right now and you will have an best buy premium product

  17. Vehicle sitting that long, you forgot to mention your own advice – add gasoline detergent because it was sitting so long.

  18. Any comments on the ride of the GV80? Because motor trend complained about the harsh ride

  19. Recording failure: Her “Bad (no terrible!) sound makes good video look bad.” You had a microphone on your earphones cord but you didn’t use it.

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