2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB First Impressions; Replacing Run-Flats with Standard Tires | Talking Cars 242

2020 Mercedes-Benz Glb First Impressions; Replacing Run-Flats With Standard Tires | Talking Cars 242 1

We just purchased the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB250 for our test program, and discuss its driving characteristics, controls, and where this compact SUV fits into the Mercedes lineup. We also dip into our mail bag and answer questions about replacing run-flats with regular tires, recommend a compact luxury sport sedan for city driving in Canada, and suggest a CUV (crossover utility vehicle) that is capable of fitting 3 child seats in the second row.

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01:00 – 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB First Impressions

11:39 – Question #1: What to know when switching from run-flats to regular tires?

15:31 – Question #2: What is a good luxury compact sport sedan for city driving?

19:00 – Question #3: Which CUV is capable of fitting 3 child seats across in the second row?


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32 Comments on "2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB First Impressions; Replacing Run-Flats with Standard Tires | Talking Cars 242"

  1. Thumbs up for Ryan!

  2. I have replaced run flats with regular tires many times. The ride is softer but not much different. However, if you go to trade it in at a BMW (or other dealer) they will demand run flats as the OEM-spec tire and you will get less on trade or have to buy new. So, if it’s a lease don’t do it or if you plan to trade it back.

  3. Having a Mercedes would have to be my life goal to buy the GLB. What a joke! $47k?

  4. New Shure SM7B microphones! They actually make you guys sound more ‘authoritative’.

  5. This panel of younger experts is outstanding! The future of Talking Cars is in good hands.

    • Hatala Testing Like, I am, like, not sure that I, like, agree [plus…ugh! Vocal Fry!] Electronic transmission stalks on the steering column have been common to all Mercedeses for well over 10 years. It’s not the car, it’s YOU!

  6. 17:51 gosh darn it, I’m trying to pay off my car, and ya’ll have me on cars.com looking up g70’s.

  7. Is there anything that can be done to improve a vehicle headlight rating? For example, you recommend the Subaru Legacy but the 2020 version has a rating of 2 for the headlights.

  8. Every time I hear about a new Mercedes, I have visual of Scotty screaming ‘ Endless money 💰 pits ‘

  9. 6:45 u all need to start addressing the glaring issue with third row seating: SAFETY. As cramped as that third row is, a rear-end impact could easily be fatal. Heads coming in contact with the vehicle from behind.

  10. Emily Thomas always gives thoughtful advice (for example…you want 3 child seats in the 2nd row? Try these examples, and don’t forget the safety tech…).

  11. A spare tire or jack can become projectiles???
    Well, forgive me, but with that thinking, isn’t EVERYTHING in the rear of a hatch or suv a possible projectile?
    I don’t understand why these trunk-less vehicles get free passes on these issues concerning safety from objects in their cargo areas.

  12. I was one who wanted to replace my run flats with a normal tire, after having a blowout at 55 miles an hour and being able to travel for up to two hours at 50 miles an hour I’m a believer now. In addition I replaced the run flats that came with the BMW with a Michelin runflat greatly reduced the hard tire noise.

    • Tommy Wolfe

      My family has owned many cars with RFT in the last 16 years. On several occasions we have benefited from getting to our destination without having to immediately deal with a flat tire.

      I also had a tire pressure warning light up while on the highway in the rain. I continued with caution and when I pulled off at the next exit I found a huge hole in the tire. Can’t put a price on that.

  13. Run-flat tires aren’t for everyone. My friend frequently drives between cities 3-4 hours apart and once had difficulty obtaining a replacement for a RFT damaged beyond repair.

    On the other hand, my family usually drives locally. I have an occupation where getting to my destination on-time can be critical. Also my wife and driving-age kids might avoid stopping for a flat by the side of the road or in a dangerous areas. That’s worth the slightly rougher ride and higher replacement cost.

  14. A $47,000 suv shouldn’t have an uncomfortable back seat

  15. Dude needs to get a A5 Sportback, best of both worlds!

  16. Dude needs to get a A5 Sportback, best of both worlds!

  17. just use the steering wheel navigation and that’s it. Anyhow i guess anyone needs a job.

  18. Mercedes seats have always been terrible IMO.

  19. Hello back, from London, Ontario, Canada. 🙂

  20. Was the GLB’s “thunderbolt” on the rear quarter panel inspired by the Honda Odyssey?

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