2020 Mazda CX-30 Test Results; The Future of Vehicle Communication | Talking Cars #253

2020 Mazda Cx-30 Test Results; The Future Of Vehicle Communication | Talking Cars #253 1

This week we share our test results of the all-new 2020 Mazda CX-30, and talk about where this compact SUV fits in the Mazda lineup. Jen Stockburger shares her personal experience purchasing a new vehicle and how the process is different due to social distancing. Also, we discuss vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication and what the future might look like for vehicle communication. We wrap up with audience questions including whether adding fuel stabilizer might affect your car’s emissions, and whether or not all the new advanced safety systems might drive down insurance premiums due to less accidents.


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00:30 – Jen Stockburger Car Buying Experience
05:28 – V2X (Vehicle-to-evedrything) Communication Update
11:45 – 2020 Mazda CX-30 Test Results
19:56 – Question #1: What is a good, sporty, and under 10k replacement for a Subaru Legacy?
25:29 – Question #2: Can adding fuel stabilizer to your vehicles gas tank affect its emissions?
26:34 – Question #3: How well did the Hyundai Sonata’s headlights perform in CR’s tests?
29:06 – Question #4: Could advanced safety gear on new vehicles reduce car crashes by such amount that it might drive down the cost of insurance premiums?


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20 Comments on "2020 Mazda CX-30 Test Results; The Future of Vehicle Communication | Talking Cars #253"

  1. Do you publish a list of your test fleet for sale. I remember you said CR employees get first call but there must opportunities for the viewers.

  2. OMG the tong and grooved wood planked walls, built in wall unit and glass doors are fabulous!

  3. FCC just is a corrupt department of government. Bunch of sellouts

  4. Funny I just came back to the house from getting my NYState Inspection on my Mazda 6.While I was there getting it done I poked around the showroom and looked at the CX-30 and you guys are spot-on.Felt a bit tight in it but materials were great.A CX-5 is not that big of a jump and it feels quite a bit bigger on inside.I am sure either is a great choice but I am on the bigger is better bandwagon here.

  5. 11:56 Mazda CX-30 You’re welcome. Also, I find CX-30 to be too odd in size, especially the long front overhang and really short hatchback.

  6. Jen got a good deal; buying a new car post-COVID19 is the new normal.

  7. Thx 4 the video C.R. Great episode team… 😎👍

  8. I reviewed #247, and didn’t hear Jake saying all he liked were SUVs.
    He was very complimentary of the Supra and MX-5, but explained why they didn’t make Top Picks.

  9. The fellow in Pittsburgh had tough luck with 2 Subaru Legacies with blown engines. The Subaru owners I know quit the brand after the first engine failure.

  10. Touch screens…..Not a fan, especially when I jump into our vehicle at -20 degrees. It’s no fun taking off my gloves to get the radio to work.

  11. I found that very helpful! I hadn’t even considered the Audi A4, so I’ll look into it, but I think the G is now at the top of my shopping list. You guys are awesome!!!

  12. Yay! Jen’s back! 😀

  13. Wow, Jen and husband are much nicer parents than I am. There’s no way I’m just giving any of my kids a car. If they want a car, they’re gonna have to get a job and earn it. Everything’s given to kids nowadays and probably why they don’t appreciate anything. That’s how it was for me, had to earn that car that I so wanted.

  14. 20 Years ago this huge swath of bandwidth was reserved and there’s been essentially zero progress by automakers and others. In the meantime, of course, wireless technology and uses have exploded. The FCC ruling, while still protecting bandwidth for auto safety such as Qualcomm’s C-2VX technology, more than doubles the bandwidth for WiFi. You know, the stuff we’re using more and more of as we’re locked at home with our every-growing array of connected devices.

    The CR’s presenters conveniently fail to mention that the vast majority of technology manufacturers are in favor of the FCC ruling to open up a portion of the 5.9 GHz band that will become “WiFi 6”. Moreover, the C-2VX auto safety technology supported by Ford, Audi, BMW, Daimler and Tesla, and all the major phone carriers is fully compatible with the FCC desire to open up a portion of the 5.9 band.

    One last thought about auto manufacturers and their ability to develop technology and to use it efficiently. How easily does you iPhone or Android phone pair with your car. Is it fast, consistent, seamless? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  15. Weeellll, I had the CX-30 on my short list for a new car, but you have given me second thoughts. I will definitely examine the shortcomings you mentioned when/if I test drive the CX-30. Thanks for all you do. — 35 year subscriber to the magazine.

  16. 5:56 this was supposed to be a government thing, and quite frankly should be because it will be a royal mess is no one is unifying the standard.

  17. Your webcams are amazing. I wish the tv stations did the same.

  18. fire people? they are called firefighters. lol

  19. One of your best shows yet. One of the apparent benefits of the “at home” format is that when someone is speaking they are allowed to speak without interruption, and I think that improves things.

  20. I hope if and when vehicle to vehicle becomes available it includes motorcycles and an available app for cyclists.

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