2020 BMW 2 Series; Why Manufacturers Shouldn’t Charge a Premium for Safety Features | #269

2020 Bmw 2 Series; Why Manufacturers Shouldn'T Charge A Premium For Safety Features | #269 1

This week we give our first impressions of the 2020 BMW 228i xDrive Gran Coupe, discuss its driving characteristics, and how it compares to its competitors, like the Genesis G70. CR has released a new study which finds that on many vehicles important advanced safety features like AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) and FCW (Forward Collision Warning) are only available in expensive optional packages, and paired with less crucial amenities (such as sunroofs and heated seats.) We talk about the importance of these life saving systems, and why they should be standard on every car. We also answer questions about the safety of Tesla’s chargers and other home EV chargers in wet, rainy conditions; why tires could become noisy after they are rotated; and suggest a fun, manual transmission car for a teen driver under $15k.


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00:00 – Introduction
01:33 – CR’s Vehicle Safety Features Study
05:58 – 2020 BMW 228i xDrive Gran Coupe First Impressions
11:39 – Question #1: How safe are EV home chargers in wet weather?
14:10 – Question #2: Why tires might become noisy after a rotation?
16:49 – Question #3: What is a cool and fun, but also safe and reliable, manual transmission car for teen?


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30 Comments on "2020 BMW 2 Series; Why Manufacturers Shouldn’t Charge a Premium for Safety Features | #269"

  1. That BMW 228 has to be one of the most uninspiring new designs to come out. Is BMW making Fleet Vehicles now?

  2. Good luck finding adaptive cruise on ANY in stock BMW units. I’d say it’s only on 10% of in stock BMWs.

  3. Love Mazda. They drive so well…

  4. First car for a kid, I’d prioritize reliability/safety over “fun”

  5. $16k more for the Chevy pickup? Criminal!

  6. 19:12 Thank you for that reality check😄. BTW, the Prius is an excellent choice for a first car.

  7. That last question you had to know the Mazda 3 would be the choice even before they gave the answers. Safe, modern and reliable car. Another option that may be too sporty is a used Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 which is safe, modern, and reliable – but it is next to impossible to get the crash prevention on that car. It does not have a too powerful engine, but handles really well and it has a stick.

  8. 19:00 @Jake, I hope your poor kid doesn’t watch you saying that 😀

  9. I want to see a CR vs IIHS safety advocacy bragging rights battle.

  10. Mazda 3 a no-brainer but also Civic Si and Impreza worth a look as well.

  11. Hiiiiiii Ryyyyyan 😊😍

  12. Keep the beard Quincy !

  13. nice indoor tomato plant.

  14. The 2 Series appears to have been hit with an ugly stick, most noticeable when viewing the profile. Yikes

  15. Good call on the tire noise possibly being a wheel bearing. I had the exact same issue after getting new tires because a front wheel bearing failed. Maybe the bearing was damaged because the wheel was stuck and had to be hammered off?

  16. Thanks for posting my tire question. I took it to a different garage and it appears it wasn’t the tires, but a bad bearing.

  17. laughs in cadillac ct4

  18. I’d take the G70 over BMW ANYDAY!

  19. Well Uncle Sam just needs to step in and make many safety features mandatory like seat belts, OBD2, and turn signals. 😉

  20. who tf is comparing G70 to a 228,, 70% of the price with 60% more features lol, genesis me please

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