Best Smokeless Fire Pits | Consumer Reports

Best Smokeless Fire Pits | Consumer Reports 1

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Consumer Reports tests 7 smokeless fire pits including the popular Solo Stove. Find out what makes them smoke LESS but not truly smoke-free.

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3 Comments on "Best Smokeless Fire Pits | Consumer Reports"

  1. This is the 2nd Connsumer Reports video that mislead by not telling the conclusions. Feels like an ad to generate more traffic on the website. (I’m a longtime follower and subscriber to the magazine)

  2. I’m subscribed for years but they really started to show bias in continuing to promote ICE cars when much better electric options are now available. You’d think they would be for zero
    Pollution, low maintenance, made in USA, and beer performance. They come across as old folks that can’t navigate electronics. “Hard to find stuff on the touch screen” but non issue when light, wipers, etc automatic

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