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The Cost of EV Battery Replacement; Are Expensive Tires Safer Long Term? | Talking Cars #414

The Cost of EV Battery Replacement; Are Expensive Tires Safer Long Term? | Talking Cars #414 1

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One of the primary questions drivers have about EVs is how long do their batteries last, and how much would a replacement cost in the future. We share our expert information on if electric car batteries are expensive to replace, as well as: where more expensive tires wear slower than cheaper alternatives; why a car in Europe might have a better warranty or more features than its US counterpart; warranty coverage for 48V mild hybrid batteries; whether standard, gas-powered vehicles lose range in cold weather like all-electric cars; and how to change the radio station preset on the 2023 Honda CR-V.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – Question #1: Are EV batteries expensive to replace?
05:11 – Question #2: Why does it seem that European countries have better car warranties and features than the US?
09:14 – Question #3: How can you tell whether a tire will retain good performance over the its life?
12:40 – Question #4: What are the warranty coverages like for 48V mild hybrid batteries?
17:06 – Question #5: Is the drop in range on an EV in cold weather about the same as gas-powered vehicles?
22:10 – Question #6: Is it possible to delete a radio station preset from the favorites list on a 2023 Honda CR-V?

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