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United Workers Party Candidates Profile

Branker F. John
Candidate for the Colihaut Constituency

Brancker Fabian John was born to Gretta Philogene and Blaize John on January 20, 1974. He attended the Colihaut Government School and the St. Joseph campus of the Dominica Grammar School, now the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School.

At 15 years of age, he graduated from secondary school, and began working with the Fisheries Division as a Data Collector in the Portsmouth area. He later joined the Department of Local Government and Community Development in 1992 as a Community Development Assistant.

In 1994 he attended a four-month course in the Principles and Practice of Social Work at the Social Welfare Training Centre of the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. In 1996 he was appointed the Department’s Communications Officer. The following year he was appointed Acting District Development Officer for the Western District.

In 1999, Brancker John was appointed a Government Senator in the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Brancker has always been involved in Community life, the arts, sports and culture. He has served as a member and secretary of the Stone-Ridge cricket Club of Colihaut, Secretary of the Supervisory Committee and Secretary to the Board of the Colihaut Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

He represented Dominica at the Windward Islands Youth Cricket Tournament in 1992 and 1993 and was called to senior cricket trials on a number of occasions. He established the Stone-Blasters Football team of Colihaut in 1999 and the Colihaut Cultural Group in 1998. He continues to serve as a member of the St. Peter Church Committee.

In 1995, Brancker ventured into the Calypso arena adopting the stage name "De Brakes". Two years later he was crowned Calypso Monarch of Dominica. Winning the crown for a second time in 1999, he is the reigning Calypso Monarch. His two songs "Put the Brakes on them" and "Keep the Candles Burning" have won much popular acclaim.

Branker John is prepared to move to a higher level of service and expects the people of Colihaut, Dublanc and Bioche to choose him as their parliamentary representative.

Brancker says, "Invest in me and you will reap the benefits of your investment".

Charlesworth Mills
Candidate for the Cottage Constituency

Charlesworth Mills was born on the 6th of September, 1968 in Lagoon, Portsmouth. He attended the St. John’s School and later the Portsmouth Secondary School.

After graduating he took up employment with Geest Industries at Portsmouth. He then moved to the Portsmouth Co-operative Credit Union where he has been able to serve farmers and a wide cross section of the society.

He encouraged and supported young people his age group, and took time out to share his academic knowledge with them. He is proud that he was able to help others in this way. He strongly supports the view that "Education is the key to the future" especially in a developing nation like Dominica.

His deep love, ambition and willingness to serve was further translated into the establishment of a fishing complex that provided a very needed service. He grew from the bowels of the Cottage Constituency and so has a deep understanding of the many problems of the constituents. He is a community man and a worker with a proven track record for service.

Charlesworth is driven by a vision for the development of the North as a major tourist centre. He believes that it will help relieve the umemployment situation and raise the standard of living of the residents in the areas.

Charlesworth contested the 1995 elections on a United Workers Party ticket for the Cottage seat in the Parliament. After the elections, he went to further his studies and attended Barry University in Miami, Florida, and graduated with a B. A. (political science), B.Sc. (Economics and Finance) and B.Sc. in Marketing.

Charlesworth is presenting himself as a candidate for the January 31st, 2000 elections and is calling upon the people of the constituency to give him the privilege of representing them in the Dominica House of Assembly.

Delroy Registe
Candidate for the Petite Savanne Constituency

Delroy Registe was born on July 9, 1962 to Randolph and Clemence Registe of Pichelin. He attended the Pichelin Government School, and from the age of 16 has been involved in youth groups and community work.

A married man with two daughters, Delroy has been faithful to God in the church where he worships, and is very active in encouraging both the young and the elderly.

He has been the Chairman of the Pichelin Village Council for three years, during which time he participated in seminars relating to village councils and community improvement.

He is presently employed with the Roseau Co-operative Credit Union as Security, Maintenance and Transportation Clerk. He is working towards pursuing a degree in marketing.

Delroy is a lecturer and counsellor to both married and single people.

Some of the goals achieved in the communities where he lived are the Phlip Road in Pichelin, obtaining public assistance for elderly in Pichelin and BelleVue Chopin, repairs to roads, a basketball court and much more.

He strongly believes that God raised up the United Workers Party for the purpose of taking Dominica towards development, and to maintain policies that will encourage freedom of worship. He also believes that his involvement in politics will benefit both the churches and the communities of this country. It will give hope to the people that he serves, and will bring government and the churches closer to continue to fight crimes, drugs and other elements of destruction.

A community man, he will work hard to see that the needs of every community that he serves are met, especially in the areas of proper housing, roads, sporting facilities, employment, water and the development of the youth.

Delroy is ready to serve full, and with the help of God has committed himself to doing just that.

Dennis La Bassiere
Candidate for the Soufriere Constituency

Dennis La Bassiere was born in Pointe Michel to Arnold and Gertrude La Bassiere. As a boy he played on Poree Savannah as other boys of his time, and helped his parents to cultivate their small holdings at Gomier in the heights of Pointe Michel.

It is because of his humble and proud upbringing that he is very much part of the area and indeed part of the legacy of the area which has produced many outstanding sons and daughters of the soil.

A graduate in Economics and Public Administration from London University, he has occupied several senior executive and management positions in large export and manufacturing enterprises. He has served as General manager of the Dominica marketing Board, General manager of Windward Islands Packaging Company in St. Lucia and General manager of ABC Containers.

He was a candidate at the 1995 General Elections and was appointed a Senator in the Dominica Parliament. He was elected Deputy Speaker some months before the dissolution of Parliament.

Dennis La bassiere has for several years been actively involved in the cultivation of bananas, and has diversified into non-traditional crops, including flowers, employing some 20 persons on his farm. He is considered to be one of the leading farmers in Dominica.

He stands for full support for youth and sports and full development of the Soufriere Constituency.

He has been working on the implementation of specific projects since the 1995 election, to name a few:

These projects are eye openers as to what will be achieved by people working together and supporting each other.

He will be seeking to focus on job creation in areas like Tourism, Agriculture, Agro Processing, Culture and Entertainment.

Dennis La Bassiere is a man of vision, courage and action, and has promised his people that he will not let them down.

Candidate for the St. Joseph Constituency

Doreen Paul was born on June 2, 1962 to Isaac and Dorothy James of Layou. She attended the St. Joseph Government School and later the Convent High School, the Dominica Grammar School and the Sixth Form College.

She taught for a short while a the Convent High School before working at the national Commercial Bank of Dominica. In 1990, after winning the seat for the St. Joseph Constituency at the General elections, her employment at the bank was terminated. Her banking experience however later assisted her in securing a position at the Roseau Co-operative Credit Union where she worked until she was elected for a second time as the Representative for St. Joseph.

In that 1995 election, the United Workers Party formed the government, and Prime Minister Edison James asked Doreen Paul to join his cabinet as Minister for Health and Social Security.

Mrs. Paul has spared no pains to provide the people of Dominica with better health services. During her stewardship we saw the construction of health centres in Morne Prosper, Woodford Hill, Salisbury, Warner, San Sauveur and rehabilitation of those of Calibishie, Colihaut, Marigot, Salybia, Pointe Michel, Soufriere, and Scotts Head.

The beginning of the construction of the operating theatre block, the provision of new services and new equipment, the training of staff to ensure delivery of efficient and effective health care.

Doreen Paul is well known in the region, having attended many conferences concerning health matters. In 1996 she was the Chairman of the meeting of Ministers of Health of the OECS, and President of the Board of the Eastern Caribbean Drug Services. In 1997 she initiated the establishment of the Annual Conference of OECS Ministers of Health which held its first meeting in St. Kitts in 1998.

In 1999 she headed the Caricom delegation which met with the Director of the World Health Organization, Dr. Bruntland at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

Doreen Paul was able to obtain for the constituency the following:

Doreen Paul is an active member of her local church and serves as Worship Team Leader.

She is married to Anthony Paul and is the mother of four boys and one girl.

Earl M. Williams
Candidate for the Salisbury Constituency

Born in Southall, Middlesex, England of Veronica and Clark Williams on the 28th February 1964, Earl Michael Williams came to Dominica at the age of six years.

He was educated at the Salisbury Government School and the Community High School, from which he entered the Six Form College, the first student from the CHS to do so. After his graduation, he taught at St. Andrews High School and the St Mary’s Academy.

Earl is an ardent Sportsman and Coach. Under his chairmanship of the National Domino Steering Committee, Dominica won for the first time the OECS Harris Paints Domino Pairs championship. He represented Dominica in 1991 in St. Kitts and was Manager of the team that went to Montserrat the following year. He also managed the team of the Western District Cricket League of which he was the Treasurer.

He also coached cricket at St. Andrews and St. Mary’s, and worked hard to raise funds for sports at both schools. He helped the Youth Division launch a Summer Day Camp Programme, and served as its Director for three years. He was also a facilitator of Adult Education in Salisbury.

He was a member of the Supervisory Committee of the Salisbury Credit Union from 1986 and Chairman from 1988 to 1990. In 1991 he was elected a Director of the Dominica Co-operative Credit Union League , and became its treasurer in 1992.

He became politically involved because he is a social worker who loves people and enjoys serving them.

He was elected member of Parliament for Salisbury in 1990, and was returned in 1995 when the United Workers Party formed the Government. He was then named Minister for Communications, Works and Housing.

The Minister is a member of the Caribbean Leadership Group financed and organized by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

Earl Williams has shown himself a no-nonesense, hardworking and dynamic parliamentarian and minister of Government, and is confident that his people of Salisbury will want him to continue to represent their interests in parliament and in Government.

Elias Dupuis
Candidate for the Paix Bouche Constituency

Elias Dupuis was born in the Northern Dominica village of Bense on 24th January, 1960 to Carmen and Herbert Dupuis. A worker by nature, Elias attributes this to his early training from his father who is never idle.

He attended the Bourne Seventh Day Adventist and Bense Primary Schools before going to the Portsmouth Secondary School. He then went to Jamaica and attended the College of Arts, Science and Technology (CAST), where he received a Certificate in Property Valuation and a Diploma in Land Surveying.

He went to Canada to pursue further studies at Ryerson Polytechnic in Toronto. There he graduated with a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Survey Engineering. He is presently pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus.

Elias Dupuis was an Assistant Teacher at the Bense Primary School before working as a surveyor at the Land and Surveys Division of the Ministry of Agriculture since 1981until he resigned late last year to present himself as a candidate for a seat in Parliament to represent his people in the Paix Bouche constituency. He has acted as Director of Surveys and Commissioner of Lands.

Elias Dupuis has been the Secretary of the Land Surveyors Association, enjoys farming and the sports of cricket, football and dominoes. He was also the President of the Bense Sports Club, Captain of the Bense Cricket Team, and coordinator of the Bense Resource Centre.

He is the owner of Dupuis Surveys on Bay Street in Portsmouth. Affectionately known as Lio, Elias is a devoted christian and family man, living in Bense with his wife Dr. Corinthia Fabien Dupuis, and two children, Orville, 13 and Avery, 11.

Elias Dupuis said his greatest burden was to see the youth take their rightful place in the society and to embrace the numerous opportunities available.

"I endeavour to work with those who resist change, as well as those who set their eyes on a brighter future. Together we can work towards nation building."

The people of Paix Bouche, Moor Park, Bense, Anse-du-Mai, Anse Soldat have in Elias Dupuis someone they can depend on to give them excellent representation.

Francois Barrie
Candidate for the Salybia Constituency

Francois Bernard Barrie, Parliamentary representative for the Salybia/Atkinson Constituency has served in the Dominica Parliament since December 28, 1993 after a by-election held some days earlier. He was reelected in the General Elections of 1995 and was appointed Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth Affairs.

He was born in the Carib Territory on February 17, 1944 and has lived all his life in the midst of the wider native family. He is married and is the father of five children.

During his 31 years as a teacher, Barrie tried to instill in his students a sense of pride in themselves as aboriginal people, and a deep commitment to their Carib heritage. From his tutelage have emerged policemen, nurses, teachers, the first Carib priest and the first Carib doctor.

His teaching career began in 1959 at Salybia Government School. He obtained a Teachers Certificate from the University of the West Indies in 1969. He attend the Dominica teachers College from 1976 to 1978.

Francois Barrie has been an avid sports administrator for the area since 1972. He has organized overseas tours and was instrumental in bringing an English touring cricket team into the Carib Territory. His love for sport is reflected in the improvements he brought about on five playing fields in his constituency, among them Jolly John Park.

One of his biggest achievements is providing pipe-borne water for his people. He has also provided scholarships for young people, help for the destitute, transportation for scholars of secondary school, the construction and reparation to roads, refurbishing and equipping schools.

He is working to bring about the establishment of a resident doctor and an ambulance in the territory.

Barrie is confident that his people will call on him to represent them for another term.

Gertrude Roberts
Candidate for the Grand Fond Constituency

Gertrude Roberts has been since June 1995 the Minister for Community Development and Women’s Affairs. Prime Minister Edison James named her to that position after she was re-elected as Parliamentary Representative for the Grand Fond/Riviere Cyrique constituency in 1995. She first won the seat in 1990 when the United Workers Party contested General Elections for the first time.

Née Jno Baptiste, Gertrude Roberts was born at Delices and received her primary education at the Government school there. She entered the teaching service and gained her Teachers Certificate in 1952. She was an Assistant Teacher at the Grand Fond School when she was appointed to act as Principal. There she demonstrated an unfailing concern as regards school discipline, and along with a conscientious staff, she worked to make the school one which children were proud to be part of.

She was promoted to Principal in 1957, completed a course of training at the Leeward Islands Teachers’ College in Antigua in 1959, and gained a Certificate in Educational Studies from the Institute of Education of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Mrs. Roberts gave distinguished service as a teacher and Principal in schools at Delices, La Plaine, Grand Fond and Roseau. For her outstanding achievements in the modern concepts of the Community oriented approach to Primary Education in Dominica, Mrs. Roberts won the Meritorious Award in 1973.

Mrs. Roberts is a true community leader. She has been:

  1. Patron of a Red Cross Link
  2. Leader of the Grand fond 3-F Campaign
  3. President of a Girls’ Club
  4. Leader of the Grand Fond Church Choir
  5. Secretary of the Grand Fond Village Council
  6. Involved in all forms of Community activities.

The people of Grand Fond cannot forget the efforts she and Mr. L. C. Didier made to obtain land at Providence for the people of Grand Fond who were displaced by the sale of Rosalie Estate. Her initiative and dynamic efforts brought about infrastructural development in the community.

As Minister, Mrs. Roberts worked indefatigably for the poor and downtrodden, for the women, the disadvantaged, the children, the handicapped and all those who needed some sort of attention. She also did much to promote the culture of Dominica at home and abroad.

Mrs. Roberts is a woman who cares, and this spirit of caring shows itself in every thing she does and says. The people of Grand Fond, Morne Jaune and Riviere Cyrique know in whose hands they have put their trust, and they will keep her in the Parliamentary seat to represent them for another term.

Mrs. Roberts, a widow, is the mother of five daughters and one son.

John Baptiste John
Candidate for the Grand Bay Constituency

John Baptiste John, popularly known as Holeday, was born in Grand Bay. A hardworking, helpful and practical man, John realizes that Grand Bay needs a committed leader who can deliver, and who is committed to the improvement of the quality of life for the people of the Grand Bay constituency.

John received his elementary education at the Grand Bay Government School and is a graduate of the St. Mary’s Academy.

He graduated from the university of Colorado in Boulder, Co with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

He enrolled in the Territorial Teachers’ Training Programme at the University of the Virgin Islands, and began his teaching career at the St. Peter and Paul High School in St. Thomas, USVI. He also taught at the St. Joseph Gomez Elementary School in St. Thomas and the St. Mary’s Academy in Dominica.

John has always been involved in community life in Grand Bay. A civic minded individual, John is one of the luminaries on the culture scene in Grand Bay, and was a founding member of the Southern Liberation Dancers.

John has served as a councillor with the Grand Bay Village Council, and has served on the Credit committee of the Grand Bay Credit Union.

As a member of the united Workers Party team, John was appointed senator in 1995 and served as Parliamentary Secretary in both the Ministry of Community Development and Women’s Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism, Ports and employment.

Since 1995 as an integral part of the United workers Party team, John has been instrumental in delivering much needed development to the Grand Bay Constituency such as:

As the candidate for the Grand Bay Constituency, John wants to make education, culture and tourism development a priority for Grand Bay.

Julien Prevost
Candidate for the Mahaut Constituency

Julien Prevost was born in Morne Georges, Mahaut on 19th June, 1959 to Mavis Esprit of Mahaut and Corporal Nelson Prevost of Castle Bruce. He was born after six sisters, and his mother’s joyful exclamation of "Ah! De boy come" left him with his pet name of "Adiboy".

Julien is the Parliamentary Representative of the Mahaut constituency, having won the by-election of 12 August, 1996 to fill in the vacancy after the incumbent resigned and went overseas.

After graduating from the Dominica Grammar School in 1976 and from the Sixth Form College in 1978, he left for Cuba in 1979 where he studied Political Economics at the university of Havana, graduating with a Masters Degree with honours in 1985.

In 1986 Julien began the University of the West Indies law Challenge Programme. He completed the LLB with second-class honours in 1990. He then went on to the Sir Hugh Wooding Law School, St. Augustine, Trinidad from where he received in 1992 the Certificate in Legal Education. He was admitted to the Dominica Bar in August of 1992.

Before entering the Law profession, Julien was employed as Education and Training Officer, and later General Secretary with the Dominica Farmers Union. During that period he saw the establishment of the Farm-to-Market Company which was involved with the marketing of the produce of Dominican farmers, regionally and internationally. He also helped establish the Windward Islands Farmers Association of which he was President for one year.

Julien Prevost is an active sportsman and sports administrator. He practices scuba diving and is an honorary member and Legal Advisor of the Dominica Water Sports Association. He is a body builder and is one of the trustees of patience Gym and a former Secretary to the Dominica Body Building Association. He is actively involved in the organization of sports in his community.

Julien has held the positions of Vice President and head of the Education Committee of the St. Paul’s Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

Julien has given excellent representation to his constituency having been successful in obtaining for his people major infrastructural projects like the Belfast Bridge and the Jimmit to Campbell Road. The people of the constituency can expect much more when they re-elect Julien Prevost to Parliament on January 31, 2000.

Julien Prevost is married and is the father of three.

Julius C. Timothy
Candidate for the Roseau North Constituency

Julius Christopher Timothy, Deputy Political Leader of the United Workers Party is a graduate of the St. Mary’s Academy. He has been a winner from the time he went to school. He was the winner of the first National Spelling Competition. He won a choice of two scholarships to secondary schools. At the St. Mary’s Academy, he was Student of the Year on two occasions, and was also the winner of the Inter-island Scholastic Debate in 1969 and a Junior Table Tennis Championship the same year.

He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of the West Indies and is at present doing doctoral studies with the University of Bradford in the UK.

After the 1990 elections he was made a Senator of the Dominica Parliament, and in 1995 became the Parliamentary Representative of the Roseau North Constituency. He was appointed Minister of Finance Industry and Planning in the new government formed by Prime Minister Edison James.

Julius Timothy has been bold and innovative in his approach to his position of Minister of Finance, Industry and Planning. He pioneered the Offshore Industry in Dominica, and the Dominica Unit Trust, and World Creole Music Festival. He would like to see Dominica become the financial capital of the OECS, and to be the headquarters for the Stock Exchange as well as Mutual Funds and other major financial services.

In his young life, Julius Timothy boasts of more than 20 years work experience, seven of them with the Chartered Accounting and Auditing firm of Coopers and Lybrand, where he handled assignments in Dominica, St. Lucia, Barbados and Antigua. At Coopers, Timothy reached the level of Assistant Manager of the firm.

When A. C. Shillingford went into receivership in1976, Coopers and Lybrand were appointed receivers, and Julius timothy was appointed manager of A. C. Shillingford for the receivers.

By 1982 Julius Timothy had brought back A. C. Shillingford & Co. from the verge of bankruptcy out of receivership. Timothy stayed on with A.C.S to become Managing Director and majority shareholder. Timothy saved the jobs of many, and created new jobs for many more. Today A.C.S. is a leading and model company in Dominica.

A scholar, a sportsman and a community minded person, Julius has been involved in several organizations including:

He was the first manager of the national Youth Team and a founding member of the Carnival Organizing Committee.

He has been the President of the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce, (DAIC), Chairman of Dominica Agricultural marketing Board, Chairman of Dominica Stevedores Ltd. and President of the Roseau Co-operative Credit Union,

He is married and has three children.

The people of the Roseau North Constituency can testify to the work that Julius Timothy has done, and will certainly ask him to continue to serve them in Parliament.

Loreen Bannis-Roberts
Candidate for the Castle Bruce Constituency

Loreen Bannis was born at Castle Bruce on September 19, 1966. Her education started at the Castle Bruce Primary School Primary School, continued at the Convent Prep and from 1979 – 1984 attended the Convent high School. She continued her education at the Convent High School Secretarial Class, and successfully completed her studies in the graduation class of 1986.

She then joined the workforce at Cable and Wireless, then moved on to be a clerk at DEXIA, and then a teacher at the /Goodwill Primary School and at the Roseau Girls School. Later she became a clerk at the Planning Division. Then in 1987 she joined the National Commercial Bank of Dominica as a bank Clerk and today she is at the level of Supervisor.

Loreen Bannis at a very young age was an outstanding accomplished athlete of national prominence. She was selected at age 15 to play for the National Netball Team. She toured the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, St. Kitts, Nevis, Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent.

She is the President of the Castle Bruce Adventure Club, and under her leadership brought about the upgrading and beautification of the playing fields in Castle Bruce, and attempted to establish the Castle Bruce Market.

Loreen is married to McDonald Roberts and has two children. She comes from a long and well-instituted family in Castle Bruce and is seeking to follow the footsteps of her uncle and veteran parliamentarian Romanus Bannis. She will do well as a representative of the people of Castle Bruce, Tranto, Dix Pas, Morpo, Good Hope, San Sauveur and Petite Soufriere.

Norris Charles
Candidate for the Roseau Valley Constituency

Norris Michael Charles was born of Austin and Grace Charles, farmers of Morne Prosper. He grew up living farming and has devoted most of his working life to Agricultural marketing.

Norris attended the Morne Prosper Primary School and became one of the first students of his village to attend the Dominica Grammar School. While at the Grammar School, Norris assisted his mother in her struggle to educate him. He worked every day after school and during holidays to pay for his lodge in the capital.

After graduating from the Dominica Grammar school, Norris was employed at the Dominica Agricultural Marketing Board as an Accounts Clerk and Store Keeper, worked in all departments and reached the position of Supervisor in the Produce Export Department. He worked for a short period as Field Officer with Dominica Agro Industries after the DAMB was dissolved, and later joined DEXIA as its first Market Development Officer.

He became later the Trading Manager of the Caribbean Agricultural Trading Company (CATCO), and in 1993 was offered the position of Operations Manager of the Joint Regional marketing Programme of the OECS Agricultural Diversification Co-ordinating Unit, Tropical Support Project (TROPRO).

Norris Charles has received extensive training in Export Marketing, Agricultural Production and management, Industrial Relations and economics and Development. He has attended international Trade Conferences and participated in market promotional activities in several parts of the world. He served as an executive member of the Dominica amalgamated Workers Union and in the Credit Union Movement.

In 1995 he was elected Parliamentary Representative of the Roseau Valley and was appointed Minister of Trade and Marketing. He was later appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Marketing after the two ministries were merged.

In his capacity as a minister Norris Charles held the following positions regionally and internationally:

Norris Charles has brought tremendous development in the Roseau Valley in the construction of roads, Health Centre, Tourist facilities and establishment of Village Councils, other social infrastructure and human resource development.

Norris Prevost
Candidate for the Roseau Central Constituency

Norris Prevost, born August 18th, 1947, holds a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of the West Indies, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

He was appointed a Senator of the Dominican Parliament in 1990, and although in opposition, worked assiduously with the people of Roseau for their improvement and general upliftment. He was appointed to the cabinet of Prime Minister Edison James after the General Elections of 1995, and is now holding the portfolio of Tourism, Ports and Employment.

Together with famous calypsonian Ency (Norman Cyrille) and others, Norris Prevost organized the Roseau Improvement Committee (RIC) in 1989, and then embarked upon the difficult task of building community leadership in Roseau, especially among the less fortunate.

The RIC has been in the forefront of the organisation of sport in Dominica having organised Basketball Leagues, Domino competitions and women’s cricket in the Roseau area. In education the RIC has assisted over 50 high school students and has organised public lectures in Health and Family life in the Roseau area. The Committee has also organised a Children’s Christmas party every year for the past five years.

Dark alleyways in the Pound and Virgin Lane have been illuminated by the RIC. Over the years, Norris has learned much more about the problems which the people of Roseau face every day. The overcrowded housing conditions in Virgin Lane, Fields Lane, Bath Road, the Pound, Hillsborough Street and River Street, the serious unemployment faced by the young people in Roseau, the struggle that parents face to feed their children, to clothe them and to buy school books are some of them.

Norris Prevost’s 25 years of business experience in Industry-Garment Manufacturing, Housing Estate Development-Castle Comfort, Roseau Development-Woodstone Mall and the Prevo Cinemall, Commerce and Trading-Antilles Cement, plus his term as Minister of Tourism, Ports and Employment has convinced the people of Roseau that he is more than ready to be their Parliamentary Representative.

Norris Prevost wants every resident of Roseau to be able to work and take home a decent pay-cheque while living in a comfortable home.

Norris Prevost is married to Joan née Seaman and has three children.

Pat Corbette
Candidate for the Portsmouth Constituency

Pat Corbette was born and raised at Portsmouth. He received his primary education at the St. John’s School and later attended the Dominica Grammar School.

Upon leaving high school, he worked at the Public Works Garage in Roseau for a short while before leaving for Trinidad to the University of the West Indies to do a six-month program in Machine Shop technology. Upon his return to Dominica, he again worked at Public Works for a year, and then migrated to Canada in 1972.

He lived and worked in Canada for 14 years. During that time he completed a course in electronics Technology at Humber College. He also did a course in electronics at George Brown College.

Upon his return to Dominica in 1985, he formed his own Electronics retail business and other business ventures. He has always been self-employed.

He is a member of the Lions Club of Portsmouth and has also been involved in other community activities, organizations and sports clubs.

I has always been devoted to community work and the overall development of the Portsmouth area. One of his major concerns is to see the upgrading of Benjamin’s Park, which is a facility very much utilized by the youth of Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. Another vision would be to see Portsmouth take its rightful place as one of the foremost tourism development area in Dominica.

Pat Corbette is a devout Catholic and the father of two girls.

The people of Portsmouth see Pat Corbette as one who could represent their interests in Parliament. They will support him.

Peter Carbon
Candidate for the Wesley Constituency

Peter Carbon was born at Woodford Hill on July 25th, 1953, the first son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Carbon. His father, now deceased, was five times the Chairman of the Woodford Hill Village Council, and instilled in his son commitment to his community.

Peter Carbon has been active in community work, being a founding member of the Woodford Hill Credit Union and of the Coconut Farmers Co-operative. He was an organizer and a leader of the 1st Woodford Hill Scout Troupe, and has served on the Woodford Hill Village Council.

That love of service led Peter to offer himself to the electorate of the Wesley constituency at the General Elections in 1995. Peter came out victorious, and he was appointed Minister of Agriculture and the Environment. The education Peter Carbon received made him eminently suited for that position.

After graduating from the Dominica Grammar School, he received training in Soil and Water Conservation in the Scotland District in Barbados in 1978. He received an Honours Diploma in Agriculture at the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry in Trinidad where he received many awards and was selected student of the year in 1982. He completed a course in Operational Management at the Morne, Castries St. Lucia in 1983. That same year he was awarded the Nuffield Fellowship to study the marketing of Fruits and Vegetables in the UK.

He received later the post-graduate Diploma in Agricultural Extension from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad. He also received training in Strategic Planning at the Plunket Foundation in St. Lucia.

Peter has been working in the field of agriculture throughout Dominica. He started as a banana Field Assistant with the Ministry of Agriculture in 1972. He then worked as a Soil and Water Conservation Assistant attached to WINBAN in 1978/79. After Hurricane David struck the island in 1979, he assisted in the rehabilitation of the Banana Industry, was appointed Banana Extension Supervisor, and later Fruit Quality Officer with the DBGA in 1983.

Peter is a keep sportsman who has played cricket, football and basketball, and who supports development in the village. He served as the President of Rocks Football Club of Newtown.

Peter Carbon is a devoted Christian and family man. He has been serving his Christian community as a minister of communion for the last seven years. He is also a member of the core movement and marriage encounter.

The people of Wesley, Woodford Hill and the rest of the constituency are proud of their Parliamentary Representative, and will certainly invite him to continue that representation on January 31.

He is married with three children.

Ronald M. Green
Candidate for the La Plaine Constituency

The man who has been representing the La Plaine, Boetica, Delices Constituency, Ronald M. Green is a respected Dominican personality. He brings with him a long record of activism, community involvement, commitment, hard work and now, experience of four and half years as Minister and Member of Parliament.

Ron is a family man living at his home in Felicité, La Plaine with his wife, Nurse Joycelyn Austrie Green, and two children, Malaika 18 and Josina 14.

Despite his extensive adversity and professional education, with a B.Sc. Degree in Health and Physical Education, a Master of Arts degree in Education, plus doctoral level training with an overall focus to Educational Leadership and Organization, Ron is an excellent listener and relates well with young and old, fan and foe, visitor and homeboy alike.

Following university training and work experience in Africa and New York City, and after living abroad 20 years, Ron returned home in 1974 to the struggles of the times in Roseau and La Plaine. Those last ten years as teacher, lecturer and coach provided him with just the foundation to ground with his brothers and sisters and to work on achieving his dream of meaningful participation in Dominica’s development.

NGO community and project development work with the Dominican Christian Council followed with Small Projects Assistance Team (SPAT), which he co-founded in 1981 for another 20 years, coupled with 16 years as Village Councillor during that period, significantly deepened Ron’s level of active participation leading him to conclude that Parliament and Government at central level was necessary to ensure achievement of his treasured developmental goals.

In United Workers Party, in electoral victory, and in the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth Affairs, Ron has found his niche as team player/catalyst and as a result achievements have abounded in just four and a half years. Some of those he is most proud to have contributed to are:

Whilst considered one of the hardest working Ministers with a very heavy Ministry portfolio, his successes at constituency level are no less notable:

Ron Green is committed. Ron Green is a worker, Ron Green is willing to extend his tenure in Parliament to further peoples’ development in La Plaine, Boetica and Delices, and indeed Dominica and the Caribbean.

Thomas Bell
Candidate for the Roseau South Constituency

Thomas H. Bell was born to Alphonso Bell and Pep Bell (nee Giraudel) of Giraudel 36 years ago. He received his early education at the Giraudel/Eggleston Government School and the St. Mary’s Academy. He later graduated from the Sixth Form College in Roseau.

Thomas Bell taught at the Convent High School before doing further studies at the State University of New York in 1988. He graduated four years later with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Maths and Statistics ( with a minor in Economics), at the Stony Brook Campus.

On his return from university studies, Thomas Bell took a position as a graduate Maths and Science teacher at the St. Mary’s Academy.

In addition to being an educator, Thomas Bell is an avid farmer. Prior to leaving for university, he was a banana farmer and a leaf-spot supervisor for Giraudel/Eggleston. On his return from studies, Thomas Bell maintained his love for farming and has become one of the largest Irish Potato farmers in Dominica.

Thomas Bell became active in politics in 1995 when he became a candidate in the General Elections. He was named a Government senator in the Parliament. Thomas Bell seized the opportunity to vigorously champion the causes of the Roseau South Constituency. Among his many achievements are:

Thomas Bell has been actively involved in his community on a voluntary basis. He served as secretary of the Youngsters Sports Club, Giraudel/Eggleston Banana District Branch and the St. Mary’s Credit Union Credit Committee. He also held the position of Community Director of the Rotaract Club of Roseau.

A successful teacher, Thomas Bell is fully committed to the development of the youth in Roseau South and the rest of Dominica. He has sponsored football teams in Eggleston, Loubiere, Newtown and Bath Estate. He will do what is required to ensure that young persons live a quality life in Dominica.

Thomas Bell believes that all things come through desire and hard work, and every sincere prayer is answered. Together as one people with one goal, Dominica will become a a better place for us and our children.

Thomas Bell, a christian, is married and is the father of one girl and two boys.

Vernice Bellony
Candidate for the Vieille Case Constituency

Vernice Bellony, popularly known as Teacher Vernice, Vee, Ma Bello or Nen Vern, one of Dominica’s most outstanding women was born in Vieille Case on June 14th, 1938. She has devoted her life to the development of the northern communities and to the development of women islandwide.

A trained teacher and community worker, she obtained her early education at the Vieille Case Elementary School. She later obtained a Teachers Training Diploma from the Leeward Islands Teachers Training College, Antigua in 1963 with four distinctions, a Certificate in Education and an Associateship in Education from the University of Newcastlle upon Tyne in 1967 and 1968.

In 1973 she obtained a Diploma in Local Government Administration from University of Birmingham in 1974, and an Advanced Diploma in Community Development and Adult Education from the University of Manchester in 1977. In 1985 she received a Diploma in Project Management and Monitoring from the American State University of Washington DC.

She is a founding member of the Dominica National Council of Women and currently sits on the executive. Other positions held in the past include,

She also served as Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs as well as District Development Officer.

Vernice Bellony has served in almost every organization in her community. She is an active member of her church and serves in both on the parish and the diocesan levels. She has been involved in the Social League, the Credit Union League, the Vieille Case Credit Union, Girl Guide Association where she served as District Guide Commissioner. She is also a founding member of the North/North Eastern Tourism and Environmental Developmental Committee.

She was appointed Senator in the Dominica Parliament in 1990 and became the Parliamentary of Vieille Case after the General Elections of 1995. She is confident that the people of the Vieille Case constituency will ask her to serve another term as their Parliamentary Representative.

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