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Easy & Painless Login For Consumer Reports 2019 Info

Easy & Painless Login For Consumer Reports 2019 Info 1

The form to your login for consumer reports has a straight-forward and simple design. You enter a username or email address, your password and click the sign-in button. Their website boasts of having 6 million plus members who believe that fairness, safety, and honesty do matter. Also, once you login using your login for consumer reports credentials, you get trusted reporting, independent ratings & reviews, plus valuable tools and services.

Now, what is Consumer Reports all about? According to, Consumer Reports is an American magazine that started publication since 1936 by Consumers Union (CU), which is a nonprofit organization. The Consumers Union is dedicated to publishing unbiased investigative journalism, product testing, public education, consumer-oriented research, and consumer advocacy.

The consumer reports organization sees it’s self as an independent, nonprofit member organization which works side by side with consumers for transparency, truth, and fairness in our modern marketplace. They use rigorous research, consumer insights, journalism, and also policy expertise to caution purchase decisions, enhance the products and services that businesses present, and drive regulatory and fair competitive practices.

The Consumer Reports write reviews and make comparisons of consumer products and services. The results are then published as a result of reporting rising from its in-house testing, laboratory, and survey research center. It has a circulation of over 3,800,000. The consumer reports magazine accepts no advertising, pays for all the products it tests. As a nonprofit organization, it has no shareholders and also publishes general and targeted product and service buying guides geared at its readers.

Founded in 1936, CU was designed to serve as a reservoir of information that consumers could use to help assess the safety and performance of products. Since that time, CU has continued its testing and analysis of products and services and attempted to advocate for the consumer in legislative and rule-making areas. Among the reforms in which CU played a role where the advent of seat belt laws, the exposure of the dangers of cigarettes, and more recently, the enhancement of consumer financial security and the expansion of consumer access to quality healthcare. The Consumer organization also expanded its reach to a suite of digital platforms.

For online access, login for consumer reports needs one to have username and password, which is the gateway to discovering real product information that one will use to his or her benefit in purchasing products and services.

The location of the organization’s headquarters, including its 50 units testing labs are all based in Yonkers, New York. Its automotive testing track is in East Haddam, Connecticut. Also, subscriptions fund CU to its magazine and website, as well as through independent grants and donations. Marta L. Tellado is the current CEO of Consumer Reports. She joined the organization in 2014, intending to expand its engagement and advocacy efforts.

It is the truth that in our modern society it’s a fast-evolving world, and what the people do at Consumer Reports is transformative and groundbreaking to keep up with new technologies, products, and services entering people’s lives every day. For this reason, the people at consumer reports are passionate about their work. They know what’s at stake for the consumers of this world. Therefore, their mission is to make our lives safer, and our finances get more secure, as new technologies are developed. Also, to see that things get more trustworthy, and the future gets brighter for consumers.

DIGITAL membership Login For Consumer Reports

Join Consumer Reports with a Digital membership to get the trusted information that helps you make life’s big decisions and everything in between. You get unlimited digital access (web and mobile apps) to our unbiased and independent ratings and reviews for over 8,400 products and services. As a member, you can stay up to date on topics that impact you and your family, get trusted buying advice, easily compare products side-by-side and access member benefits and features that help you be safe and stay informed.

ALL ACCESS membership

Join Consumer Reports with an All-Access membership to get all the benefits of both Digital and Print plus Ask CR™, our exclusive service you can use to chat online with a CR specialist for one-on-one trusted advice. You get unlimited digital access (web and mobile apps) to our unbiased and independent ratings and reviews for over 8,400 products and services, 13 issues of Consumer Reports magazine, including the annual Auto Issue and Buying Guide, and member features and benefits that help you be safe and stay informed.

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