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Do Transmissions Ever Need to be Serviced?; Inflation Reduction Act and EV/Hybrid Tax Credits

Do Transmissions Ever Need to be Serviced?; Inflation Reduction Act and EV/Hybrid Tax Credits 1

This week we explain how the Inflation Reduction Act has changed the federal EV tax credit for new EV and plug-in hybrids; how miles per gallon is converted for electric vehicles into MPGe; should anyone really care about how many gears a transmission has; and is it necessary to ever service your car’s transmission? Go to for ratings and reviews.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – Question 1: Which CR recommended midsize SUV qualifies for the Federal EV tax credit?
06:57 – Question 2: When is it necessary to service a car’s transmission?
10:35 – Question 3: How is the MPGe calculated on EVs and PHEVs?
16:23 – Question 4: Is there any difference regarding the number of gears in a vehicle’s transmission?
20:05 – Question 5: Should the first model year of an all-new or redesign EV be avoided?
25:08 – Question 6: Is the extra cost of a hybrid worth it?

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