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Braking Without Brake Lights | Talking Cars Bonus

Braking Without Brake Lights | Talking Cars Bonus 1

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Brake lights are a major safety feature on vehicles that provide a fair warning to drivers traveling behind them. On this bonus episode we discuss recent findings in Consumer Reports' tests that discover potential safety issues with brake lights on EVs from Genesis, Hyundai, Kia, and Mercedes-Benz.

00:00 – Introduction
00:22 – Topic: Braking without brake lights
01:02 – Disclaimer
01:55 – What is one-pedal driving
03:57 – Hyundai; Kia; Genesis: issue with one-pedal driving
05:21 – CR’s test findings
07:46 – Federal law for vehicle brake lights
09:09 – CR’s recommendation for one-pedal operation in Hyundai; Kia; Genesis EVs
11:36 – Mercedes-Benz: one-pedal driving issue
14:21 – CR’s recommendation for one-pedal driving in Mercedes-Benz EVs
15:12 – Conclusion

Brake Lights Can Fail to Provide Fair Warning on Some Electric Vehicles


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