BONUS: 2022 Top Picks | Talking Cars

Bonus: 2022 Top Picks | Talking Cars 1

It’s that time of year again, we share CR’s Top Picks for 2022. Find out which 10 vehicles we think are the best according to our tests and member survey data. This year, we categorized our Top Picks by price, ranging from under $25K to $45K and beyond. We also discuss our Brand Report Card and reveal the best brands of 2022.

2:30 – Top Electric Vehicle

4:49 – Top Picks Under $25K

6:30 – Top Picks $25K-$35K

10:20 – Top Picks $35K-$45K

18:15 – Top Picks $45K+

22:47 – Best Brands of 2022

Top Picks 2022:

Which Car Brands Make the Best Vehicles:

Are You Ready For a Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid or Fully electric Vehicle:

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29 Comments on "BONUS: 2022 Top Picks | Talking Cars"

  1. My experience test driving a 2022 Tesla Model 3 was marred by the incompetent adaptive cruise control which phantom braked 4 times with no cars or pedestrians around, and panic braked when approaching a semi passing by on the opposite side of the road. If Tesla cannot handle basic autopilot, how can it ever do full autopilot?

    • On several occasions I’ve had my entire display go black, I would lose all cruise control abilities, and could not activate my turn signal until the system rebooted itself. Response from Tesla was to wait for the next update. Between that, phantom braking which I have also experienced, and poor build quality, this model 3 may be my last Tesla. It has some great tech, but it’s not making up for it not being a great car.

    • Don’t worry, all the people who paid to be beta testers will have this sorted in no time 😂

    • @Tyler Bell Same here, my model S was assembled by drunk children. Same phantom braking nevermind speed limits wrong almost everywhere. Where I live the tesla says 55 mph limit where its 30 in school zone. And it does 35 mph in 55 mph zone. What a load.

    • @The Queen’s Half Corgi An there’s a Brooklyn Bridge I’d like to sell you!

    • I had that happen with a Model 3 that was in front of me yesterday in busy freeway traffic….either that or the driver was suicidal. Fortunately I was a good distance behind it, a lot of tailgating drivers probably wouldn’t have been able to stop quickly enough.

  2. How far is Nissan from Mr. Patrick Pelata, Nissan Executive opinion, today in 2022, when my 2005 Toyota Corolla CE is with me since new, near 240,000 miles, and 17 years 2 months?

    • I had a 2007 Nissan Versa. I maintained it in every way possible. I was on a first name basis with my mechanic. It went to a junk yard a few years ago. I now drive a Mazda. I sleep better at night.

  3. 2:50 I might be the odd one out here, but when I test drove the Model 3 LR Dual Motor, I did not feel like I was driving a Porsche. The suspension is taut/stiff, but there were still a lot of body lean, and the ride wasn’t very comfortable – not very well balanced between being sporty and comfort. Also, the interior gets quite loud at highway speed.

  4. Very likable group. Nice ideas

  5. Jennifer really is the best contributor on the show, IMO. when she is the host, she’d pass the topics/viewers’ questions to each contributors first, before adding her own opinions. And when she is not the host, she’d rarely (perhaps never) interrupt others. Thank you Jennifer, and keep up the good work.

    Oh and, there are not too many errm, ah, you know when she speaks, which makes it a lot more pleasant for us listeners.

  6. How about a car / truck that will fit a 6’4″ person that needs a seat that is around 22″ wide and is comfortable? RAV4 is designed for a shorter, smaller individual.

  7. It’s nice to hear some praise for the Prius and its siblings. At the rate they are being sold, it will be many years before pure EVs achieve cumulative GHG emissions reductions equal to what has been achieved by the Prius and other hybrids since they were introduced. There is an argument that we could achieve larger emissions reductions more quickly with plug-in hybrids than with pure EVs. The much smaller batteries that would be required mean a less expensive car, which should increase the rate of adoption. They should also reduce pressure on the materials supply chain, which could also lead to a lower priced, and more readily available, vehicle. I’m definitely in favor of pure EVs over the long run, but some of the recent American EV announcements, i.e., huge SUVs and trucks with truly gargantuan battery packs and princely price tags, make me concerned that EV adoption will stall because of price and availability; and short-circuit hoped-for emissions reductions..

  8. My imaginary top pick: Kia Telluride AWD PHEV (I owned the real version in top trim and now replaced by Kia Sorento PHEV which I really enjoy). Next year top picks (my predictions): Kia Sorento PHEV/Hyundai Tucson PHEV replacing Toyota RAV4 Prime, Kia EV6/Ionic 5 replacing Ford Mustang Mach-E.

  9. CR should be discussing dealerships. I will buy a Tesla or Rivian because of unethical dealers.
    Price gouging and shoddy practices are the norm with stealerships. Customers should not have to be experts at tackling deceptive tactics throughout the buying process. And why is it a process.. more accurately an ORDEAL.
    Dealerships drive these outrageous “packages” where you have to add $10k to the price just to get nav, or heated seats. They also love the “price adjustments” adding $20-30k to the sticker.
    I hope dealerships die out. This is 2022 and they are the same old sharks they have always been.

    It’s a product. You should be able to buy it like any other product you research.

  10. A better list would be cars you can actually buy. The Mach E has at minimum a 24 week wait list currently. So in six months after you purchase it, you can get it. The Nissan Sentra is better, you might be able to get one of those if you are willing to take what they have in stock nationally (there are not many). Honda Accord depending where you are located, you might face a wait list on that as well. The Sentra is the one car that seems to be in stock right now they talk about here you can actually get.

  11. Do reviewers apologize for not picking Tesla to deflect nasty comments from fan boys?

  12. The RAV4 Prime is a fantastic choice…if you can find one at a dealership within your nearest 5 states and for less than $10K markup.

  13. Why do some car brands have so much trouble making Apple CarPlay wireless?

  14. Any ideas on why the Honda Insight has been such an abysmal failure?

  15. Before the vehicle shortages, it seemed like Nissan’s main ways of selling cars was to rental companies, and dealer gimmicks like “credit forgiveness sales”. My experiences with Nissan Altima and Sentra rentals in the last few years did not inspire me to purchase one, and that’s putting it very nicely.

  16. It is sad that half of the top list does not have a good expected reliable transmission Sentra, Rogue, Forester, Accord(except hybrid & sport) . Vs Rav4 Prime, Prius, RX hybrid does not have the unreliable CVT with belts & corns etc.. I wonder what is a factor Telluride is top pick and Palisade not. It was almost identical driving both back to back. As for Honda Ridgeline its a nice onroad vehicle but doubt it would be good enough to take you to a mountain bike trail with 7.6in ground clearance. Probable why Subaru’s are high demand here in CO where clearance is important with snow and trails. When it comes to value for money I really like Telluride & Palisade. Very nice ride, driving aids, interior space. Not a fan of EVs yet (important word “yet”) as it does not have enough real world range and freedom to travel as I don’t like to plan my trips based on charging availability and trouble of carrying charge port converter cables, phone apps etc.. I just love to travel free. Again Not interested in EVs “YET”, does not mean will never buy EV if it improves.

  17. I wish Toyota would bring us a Tundra PHEV. Commute on battery power with no range anxiety. And it won’t have the crappy electric range while towing like GM and Ford’s New Electric trucks

  18. We all know consumer reports is bought out by the big three legacy auto makers

  19. JAKE!! Why in the world are you comparing the Mach E to the model 3 AND NOT THE MODEL Y???????

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