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Best Time to Buy a Used Car, Radar vs. Camera-Based Safety Sensors, and More | Talking Cars #271

Best Time to Buy a Used Car, Radar vs. Camera-Based Safety Sensors, and More | Talking Cars #271 1

We touch on a number of topics this week, including if a used Subaru Ascent is a good replacement for an Audi A4, why your infotainment system might not play nice with your Apple iPhone or Android phone, the right way to tie down an object to your roof, and how Consumer Reports headlight testing differs from that of IIHS. We also discuss routine maintenance that is unique to EVs, why an automatic emergency braking system might give a driver false positives, how car designs might be affected with a move to "skateboard" or modular architectures, using a child seat with an inflatable seat belt, and why you might not be able to tow a hybrid vehicle behind your RV.


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00:00 – Introduction
01:45 – Question #1: Is a Subaru Ascent a good replacement for an Audi A4?
06:02 – Question #2: Which automatic emergency braking system works best: camera-based or radar?
9:34 – Question #3: Why are there connectivity issues between phones and car infotainment systems?
11:46 – Question #4: What is the proper way to secure cargo to a car’s roof?
14:22 – Question #5: What is the difference between CR’s and IIHS’ headlight test?
17:23 – Question #6: What are the required maintenance items from the latest EVs?
20:08 – Question #7: Why does the forward-collision warning activate when there is nothing on the road?
22:50 – Question #8: What common parts are shared between “modular architectures” or “shared platform” on vehicles?
25:14 – Question #9: Is it potentially dangerous to install a forward facing child seat using an inflatable seat belt?
27:14 – Question #10: What small car is best suited for flat towing with a RV?


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