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2023 Maserati Grecale | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #420

2023 Maserati Grecale | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #420 1

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Maserati’s first entry into the vibrant luxury small SUV segment is the all-new 2023 Grecale, which is meant to compete with many desirable models including the BMW X3 and Audi Q5. The 2023 Maserati Grecale GT we bought for CR's auto test program promises high-performance flair by combining potent powerplants and an air of exclusivity. We discuss whether or not the Grecale's sporty handling, modern cabin, and Italian glamour will help to distinguish it from its rivals.

00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – First Impressions: 2023 Maserati Grecale GT
02:33 – What is Maserati?
05:10 – Maserati’s Reliability
08:48 – Which segment does the Grecale fit in?
11:29 – Controls
12:09 – Know what you’re getting into
12:45 – Functionality
13:42 – Driving Dynamics
14:57 – Competitors
18:43 – Question: When selling a used car is it better to sell privately or use a service like CarMax or Carvana?

Preview: 2023 Maserati Grecale Promises Elegance and Performance

2023 Maserati Grecale

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