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2023 Honda Pilot | Talking Cars #402

2023 Honda Pilot | Talking Cars #402 1

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On this episode we welcome the 2023 Honda Pilot to our test fleet. We offer our first impressions of the redesigned, three-row SUV, and share our personal experiences with the Pilot during our first few days of ownership. We also answer an audience question about the evolution, or disappearance, of vehicle bumpers and learn about a retired CR test that features the aptly named, ‘bumper basher.’ 

0:00 – Intro

0:28 – 2023 Honda Pilot

1:52 – Ideal family vehicle?

5:19 – Driving impressions

10:25 – Interior space

11:31- Driving position

14:35 – Controls

16:01 – Audience Question: What happened to all the bumpers?

20:58 – CR bumper basher

Honda Pilot:

2023 Honda Pilot Makes Big Strides With Redesign:

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