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2022 Ford Bronco First Impressions | Talking Cars #339

2022 Ford Bronco First Impressions | Talking Cars #339 1

It’s finally here; the 2022 Ford Bronco joins our test fleet and we share our first impressions. We discuss everything from Bronco history, livability, off-road chops, and why it took so long for CR to buy one. Plus, we debate if the Bronco will out-Wrangler the Jeep Wrangler and win over the hearts of off-road enthusiasts. We also answer an audience question on CR’s criteria for recommended vehicles.


0:00 – 2022 Ford Bronco First Impression

14:33 – Question: What criteria are considered when CR recommends a vehicle?


Ford Bronco Overview:

We Finally Got Our Bronco. Here Are the 7 Things That Immediately Struck Us:

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