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2020 Toyota Highlander Test Results; Cleaning Your Car of Coronavirus | Talking Cars #247

2020 Toyota Highlander Test Results; Cleaning Your Car of Coronavirus | Talking Cars #247 1

This week we cover tips on how to keep your car clean during the Coronavirus outbreak. Find out which cleaners work best to kill the virus while preserving the interior of your car. Plus, we discuss our test results of the 2020 Toyota Highlander and answer audience questions about CR Top Picks and the reliability of American made cars.

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1:05 – Disinfecting the interior of your car

6:45 – 2020 Toyota Highlander test results

13:37 – Send us your questions at

13:47 – Question #1: Pierre | Québec, QC; I agree with 90% of your Top Picks cars this year. (The only car I would not buy is the Supra.) But why did you not choose at least one Porsche, Genesis or Mazda in your Top Picks? I personally believe the Genesis G80 and Mazda 3 are really good buys.

18:18 – Question #2: Steve | West Chester, PA; I'd love to buy a car from an American brand, like Ford or Chevrolet. However, my own experience, and your reliability rankings tell me that these cars will typically be much less reliable. Reliability and longevity are the top criteria for me. How can American nameplates have such poor reliability year after year? Why aren't they learning how to do this? They are keeping away those of us who don't want to spend money on repairs or spend our time at the dealership.

20:39 – Question #3: Ray | Henderson, NV; Many of the newest cars, including my Audi A6, have a sport or dynamic drive mode. This seems to increase the RPMs in the vehicle, and I was wondering if it’s safe to keep the car in this mode at all times. Does it affect engine or transmission reliability? Thanks for the service you provide, and shout out to the crew, especially the 2 Mikes!


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